Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Night Revels Event Is Under Way

The Plane of Manbar has changed Delera’s Graveyard

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Dungeons and Dragons Online Halloween

Ah, yes, another Halloween event post. This time, Dungeons & Dragons is running the Night Revels Event, bringing a special instance to Delera’s Graveyard in House Jorasco in Eberron. This spooky dungeon has appeared as a result of the Plane of Mabar overlapping the graveyard. It features a varied difficulty – from 1 to 35 – and will reward players with Darkest Chocolate or a Night Revels Key for defeating monsters. The first is used as a base ingredient in recipes, while the latter allows players to enter special event-themed dungeons. Players can also get more Darkest Chocolate or Night Revels keys via quest chests or earn them for running quests on hard difficulty or above.

There are nine special dungeons players can take part in, each set up like challenges and able to be entered at any level between 7 and 35. Completing the dungeons on a character under the level rating will earn players an ingredient bonus and completing them on a higher level than the rating will earn an ingredient penalty. These ingredients can be turned in at the Night Revels Vendor in exchange for candy, consumables, and items. Full details on the event and how to participate can be found on the DDO site.

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