Eternal Return Season 3 Brings Changes To Cosmetics, Down State, And More

It's a time of change in Eternal Return.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Eternal Return Season 3

Season 3 is coming to Eternal Return, and with it comes quite a few changes and updates to the game with new skills, Mutant Packs, achievements, and new mechanics for the MOBA.

On the cosmetics front, Eternal Return is freeing up some of its test subjects to wear different outfits. Some test subjects will no longer be locked to their own costumes and can try on different attire. You'll find these new cosmetics in the Season Pass along with two new playable test subjects; Katja and Charlotte.

Achievements are coming to Eternal Return Season 3, allowing players to track their progress through the game. These achievements will be split into five categories: Survival, Weapons, Areas, Hunting/Collecting, and Special.

New special skills are being added to Eternal Return in Season 3, offering knocked-down players a much-needed second chance. The Hotel's Tree of Life is also returning in Season 3.

For players who like to explore, Mutant Packs will be spawning all over the map and contain three new types of mutants: Chicken, Boar, and Wild Dog.

Finally, a new colorblind mode rounds out the new additions to Eternal Return for Season 3.

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