Ether Saga Odyssey: Break of Dawn is a new content update for the anime inspired adventure MMORPG. Unveiling nine new bosses and a treacherous new dungeon, Break of Dawn promises challenges, rewards and fun never before witnessed in the game. Adventurers will enter Monkey King’s Gauntlet and champion through the instance in order to receive a treasure chest full of level modifying gear and more.

Ether Saga Odyssey: Break of Dawn also brings revised quest lines, allowing players to be better equipped for a more enjoyable dungeon running experience. For more information and news on the game, visit the official website:


  1. Played this game for 2 years+ now. Really good at the start, now its starting to fall apart. Patches from this update will make or break the game:)

  2. I tried this game 1 year ago and i still play it.
    It’s cool.
    Just it’s much harder to get everything if u not p2w player.
    But everything is possible :P.


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