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About the game:
Title: Ether Saga Odyssey
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Ether Saga Odyssey (Ether Saga Online) is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with anime style cartoony graphics, simple yet entertaining and fun. It features a slew of unique features and systems that make the game truly one of a kind. Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience.

There are three races in this game Ren, Shenzu and Yaoh with six classes, each race share the similar class. The race begins with a pet which helps the player in his fight. After level 15, players can freely select any creature to become his pet. The power of selecting and raising pets add a new twist to the game.

Explosive Features:

  • In-Depth Pet System
  • Integrated Quest/Navigation System
  • Reputation System

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Ether Saga Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 1.5Ghz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 6.3GB of free Space
Video Card: 64 mb video memory

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  1. I know to some people ether saga was probably a wast of time. But to me I would play it all the time. I love the game it was a special game. I would play ether saga when I had a bad day or when I just wanted to Escape the real world. I’m a big fan to this special game. I hope some one can enjoying it as much as I did.

    • I love this game it was one of those games that has the best graphics. And ether saga Odyssey is my favorite game, I was sad when I heard they were shutting down the game. Even when no one else was on I was always playing ether saga by my self. Ether saga is one of a kind, there’s no other game that is the same. I wish you could put it back on the server.

    • Dead and gone, quite literally I’m afraid. PW has finally shut this game down for good…Though I believe some private servers are still running…but don’t quote me on that lol

  2. Aight so, if you want to play this game by all means go ahead but there’s a few things you should know. First and probably the most important one, there’s 2 server one is COMPLETELY dead. Walked around for 3hours and saw absolutely no one. The second server has about 60 (this is on the high side) active players. All of which are 60+. Second if that’s not an issue than there’s this, the game is pay to win. Not saying this to discourage anyone but as I’m reviewing this I might as well be honest. If you want to progress in the game specially at later levels be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on the game. These are (major) points aside the game aint halve bad. The game still looks amazing and has quite a bit of content to grind through. The main issue with the game right now is that the game lacks a player base. This means a lot of the content is IMPOSSIBLE to get. Not hard, just impossible. Before you were able to buy various things from players. Now you’re not able to anymore so you’ll have to use a possessor (basically an in-game bot) to go up in the levels. These cost a lot of gold but can be aquired by e-bucks (currency) or various quests. Then again some of these quests are impossible to do making leveling up even harder. Group dungeons are only doable at later levels or a second playthrough when you can get your hands on OP gear. Doing them at later levels will also decrease loot so it’s kinda useless.

    The game did a lot of things right but I’m afraid the increasing pay to win aspect destroyed its community.

  3. I do like this game, graphics and the ^^ style. I do not care if the playerbase is not so big, I only hope this game won’t be killed by pwe.

  4. Okay,so I really miss this game. It’s not worth playing anymore, there aren’t much ppl left in this game wich is a shame, it used to be really good.
    The Odyssey patch ruined everything, really.

  5. It is now 2015, I had been gone from this for just under two years. All players are now Possing and the ones that arent are afk and unresponsive. Trade realm in completely empty other than 5 or less players who afk there. NO LONGER WORTH DOWNLOADING!!!! and on a side note anything PW puts out will die because they dont do anything with them anymore. so go with private servers you might find people who used to play the originals who will tell you the same thing I am.

    • Aside from the private server thing (I hate their existence with all my heart), I completely agree with YZMA, ESO used to be awesome, but I had to vanish for 2 years because of lack of internet and my previous computer broke down, when I returned, it was as if I walked into a ghost town, 90% of my friends were M.I.A and there was very little activity. ESO used to be one of my favorite games, one of which I invested a lot of money in, I am very upset to see how hard it collapsed once the Private servers came into existence. R.I.P. ESO.

      • You spent money on this game… that’s why you enjoyed it…

        What about players who can’t or are just not interested to pay for virtual goods that can vanish alongside their games whenever the developers wanted to?

        At least on private servers you do not need to even pay a single dime to enjoy…

  6. Im an old eos player, i just logged back in for the 1st time and a few years. all i can say is the game is dead and that makes me pretty sad. It was really good back when the game first started, now i dunno why its even running.

  7. well……………… it’s not like we have the same opinion,,,,,, cu’zz u cant decide on what other person like………if he likes it the …shut the f**** up..

  8. The game has turned into pay2win, it has been quite like that since later on open beta. Support is quite crap (it took 2 years to recover my friend’s account because it got frozen by a reason that they don’t have a proof on). Player base is low, about 30-50 players are only active because the old players have left because of drama, PWE is bad, Pay2win system etc.

  9. What I think about all this, regarding this game. If there are enough people yelling, “FIRE!” I tend to believe them, and I do take into account distinctive writing styles. So I know it’s more than just one or two people stating their recounts of a game going into the game graveyard. So thanks for the valuable information.

  10. Addendum because I’ve been playing a lot more (level 60+)

    I found where all the players were. There’s enough to cause lag in trading realm, as there’s ALWAYS massive crowds selling stuff, and there’s plenty scattered through the PvP realms. It seems the PvE ones are deserted as no one is interested in them and none of the events take place there.

    In the time since my last review, I’ve explored more, done instances, joined a clan + alliance, and overall had a better experience.

    There’s a plethora of pets to choose from out in the field, and I settled on a golem and werewolf-looking guy along with my starter pet. There’s plenty of opportunities to get good pets via quests or buying from other players, and the recent events makes it almost pathetically EASY to make gold. I got 200 gold just buy earning and selling raw jades of wind to other players. I can’t use a lot of rare crafting items at my level, so they make a quick buck passing them to someone who can use them.

    So far I have yet to see any real imbalance from purchasing items with RL money. The mounts are awesome, there’s one pet, and some crafting items to boost your luck or pet. Regardless, you don’t even need to spend money to get these items. There’s an in-game broker system to exchange gold for the cash shop currency. Needless to say, E-bucks run at a very high price, but you’ll hit that amount as you level more and it works out. It seems to run about 1k gold for 1 E-buck and high level characters have tens of thousands of gold to spend. The cash shop outfits are pretty sweet, on another note.

    Maybe this game turns to shit at high levels, but so far I’m having a blast with it. I just wish I could earn some more inventory/storage space without having to buying stuff at the cash shop. My only problem so far.

    • Lag in terade realm? I counted the total number of players there once, its around 50 for the MOST and they’re just stall alts whilst they have their other character on perma bot.

      PvP realms are dead even realm 8, the games most populated realm.

      Yes there are lots of pets but to make then viable in PvP you NEED cash shop, only way to get advanced pet skills is via the cash shop and those skills are game breaking. (13 second stun anyone?) Some pets can even 1 shot you.

      Sure gold is easy to make, but you wont beable to afford much considering you need alot of gold to get items for your gear ie: Lightbender stones and etherlaced crystals, both from the CS with high failure rates. GG PWE

      No real imbalance from Cash Shop? Solar Fragments, Scrolls, Griffin (Allows CS players to kite you from air, even worse if it’s a ranger), Locked instances require purchase of Keys. Theres so much damn imbalance, Im starting to think you’re just a PWE con guy.

      EB prices (Ether Bucks) may vary but you basically DID not play this game.

        • Am I lying? I dont see the need to glorify or with hold information from new players.

          As for ether saga or most PW games, I played them till near end game and most of them have the same structure. You must cash shop to participate and it gets worser the older the game is. Their own game forums reflect this.

          So no, it isn’t “whining” it is merely stating whats there.

        • As an old ESO player, I have seen the EB price raise rapidly; 1 week it’s 200g:1eb the next it becomes to 400:1 stalls for a bit, the last time I played it’s 999:1 and according to my friend who still plays the rates are now 2000:1.

          The games is pay to win, it used to be so good in my own opinion, during blue ESO.

  11. Alright, Ether Saga Odyssey… let’s get started.

    There are plentiful race and class options, with two classes per race. As with Perfect World, it was difficult for me to decide which class to settle on, so I felt the need to consult Google. It seems all classes are fairly solo-friendly, according to experienced players, but I can’t make the claim myself. I chose Maven. All classes get a pet from the start to assist you in combat, so there’s little fear of casters being mauled to death. Your pet will handle aggro a lot of the time.

    This game is, putting it bluntly, a grinding game. You will grind so much and so often that ESO has literally incorporated a grinding, “training,” system with a temporary item called the Possession. You place in your skills, pots, pet items, and set up some numbers and start it up. You can leave this to automatically kill mobs and pick up items (or not) while you minimize the game or leave your computer altogether. This is extremely helpful for item gathering quests, and being able to set your toon to kill stuff on their own is very convenient. It takes a lot of the personal feel of the game away, but it’s nice.

    There are few skills to learn as you level, which explains the dinky hotkey bar. So far I’m level 30 and only have a handful of skills. These are upgraded with spirit points, accumulated by killing mobs. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. You set the Possession to go with lots of pots to keep your character sustained, put them in the middle of a large group of mobs, and let them at it. Spirit points will build up easily and you can then upgrade your skills, and even your weapon, given enough time. I left my Maven to farm points while I did housework, with pleasing results. I can’t imagine trying to do this without the Possession. It’s no wonder people try to sell them for such a high amount.

    On that note, the players… the game feels absolutely deserted, to be honest. In my time playing, even in the main city, I saw a few high level (100+) players standing around and only two players my level running around. I’ve been on different channels to see if there are more people elsewhere, with little luck so far. Even the chat feels vacant to the point where I’ll only remember that I’m playing an MMO when someone posts a S> message. I have no idea what is going on with the community, considering this is a PWI game. I expected my computer lag from the sheer amount of players, not utter loneliness. Only time will tell if this is a precursor to the game being shut down.

    Time for a big drawback that is shared by other PWI games. The walking. If you can’t teleport, you will walk a lot and it will take a longass time. You receive a perm mount very early on, and a flying mount soon after that. Even with these mounts under your belt, a lot of times it’s similar to set the autorun to go and browse the internet while you wait.

    Also, PvE is extremely easy. Extremely. I don’t know how else I can describe it. I’m not nearly leveled enough for PvP yet, unfortunately, so there isn’t anything I can say about it. Those are the biggest flaws, I think, ESO has.

    I’m going to end on some good things. ESO is beautiful. The graphics are smooth and the anime-style is done elegantly. I was especially surprised at the water texture used and I still wonder why they haven’t used it for Perfect World or Forsaken World, because it’s just that awesome. Combat is easy to learn, with those few skills to get the hang of. It also helps that your character is more often than not super difficult to kill.

    There’s lots of little things in ESO that I could mention, but I don’t feel are outstanding enough to be in the review. It’s a lovely, grindy, anime, grindy game. I enjoy playing it, but I have no idea how long that will last. I wish there were more people playing.

    • People arent playing because:
      – Cash Shop is necessary for end game gear (as in you NEED the cash shop to get the gear piece)
      – With cash shopping, you get 1~2 shotted
      – Instances are terrible and repetitive
      – PvP is a sick joke and Odyssesy patch destroyed it
      – New pokari and the removal of old events
      – 2 seriously over powered classes (they become impossible if CS is applied)
      – Super pets can 1 shot players

      and much more I could list but wont bother.

      Basically, its terrible.

  12. i actually enjoyed playing this game, and the graphics and the background music and sounds are amazing, people need to play this game more often and give it a chance instead of thinking it sucks when they get to a certain level, those people that have the good stuff majority of the time either spend real money or hack to get what they want, but to me this game is worth playing for, and as far as it being dead personally i can careless, it just gives me more of an advantage of playing without lagging lol or someone ksing your mob lol. but i was wandering its been almost a yr since i played it, is this game closing down im wandering i hope not its got 4 stars for reviews i just hope people can give this game a chance its really cute and worth it.

    • Definitely agree with you. I recorded all the ingame music. Sometimes I even stay in Zappah Altar just because I like the music. The graphics are also bright and really beautiful. I would spend most of my game time flying on the cloud and taking screenshots. Sometimes I really just wished I could live in ESO forever <3 When I played I didn't think the game was dead. I haven't gotten very high leveled yet and the game gets repetitive after lvl 20. It's true that I can find no one my level to party and chat with and the noob areas are practically dead. But the main town, Pokari, is full of people. (Acestrial Ruins server has more people) It also bums how most guilds recruit lvl 100+ I pretty much quit because I wasn't so fond of being alone ingame. The only person I've had a conversation with ingame, gave me a free mount (figure he just dumped it out me because he wanted space) and left afterwards. The community should be a little more noob-friendly, really. Though I do get my questions answered, on the forum, but my existence is so small ingame because there's no opportunity to interact.

  13. This game is completely dead. in the main town during events you’ll see no more than 3-5 players…per HOUR! The few high level players left have used and exploited the cash shop to dominate the servers.Any guilds worth joining require you to be level 100+ and pay to cannot have ANY pet you want,most of the cooler pets come from lottery boxes,which give a very low chance of getting them.Avoid this game,as all clues are pointing to it shutting down soon.

  14. hey pliiss ayudenme. estoy descargando el juego mas no se ni como entrar ni nada!!!! D: me dijeron que era muy bueno por eso lo descargo pero no puedo ingresar

  15. I quite enjoyed this game. The graphics were wonderful,bright, and vivid. Other mmo’s graphics are slightly off compared to Ether Saga. The music is also different with several variations that improves game play. I have highlighted a few of the good qualities that future players look for:
    Graphics, Music, Clarity, Good Story Line, Multiple Playable Races, and The Pet System are nice touches, just too name a few. However, no one game can be perfect. The few problems I had with this game are as follows: Slow because of player traffic, and there was a problem with communtication.
    Overall I would give it a 3.5.

  16. OMG, I hated this game. I found the trailers interesting, but that’s how they get you; once you start playing, it’ll be sort of hard to quit. I’m glad that I was finally able to quit this game after it robbed 2 years of my life from me >.>. I could have been keeping my weight down and/or been socializing or even been trying to cure diabetes… Thanks PWE… FOR WASTING MY TIME AND LIFE ON YOUR PATHETIC GAME!

  17. i am downloading right now and i can say from the trailers u can have diffrent pets and too diffrent weapons and has an nice crossover from eastern with western like said in FTPW E2 and only from seeing cant wait to play it with this great of an review of mmobomb


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