Yes, we know. EVE Online isn’t exactly free-to-play. But, they are doing something good here, so we thought we’d let you know. Once again, CCP Games and the EVE Online community have rallied and raised money for a good cause via the EVE PLEX for GOOD program. Over the past few months, players have been donating PLEX to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund through EVE Online. To date, players have donated more than $100,000 USD for the cause.

As with previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns, once the campaign is over, CCP games converts the donated PLEX to its real-world dollar value and donates it on behalf of the EVE community. That said, due to the severity of COVID-19, CCP has decided to extend the campaign through at least June. They’ve also noted that as per the community’s request, a new donation option is being added so that those who want to can be sure their donation will go to the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CHS). This joins a list of organizations currently working to fight COVID-19 that players can already donate to.

Of course, players will get something more than just that warm feeling of a good deed well done for their donation. CCP Games will be rewarding players with in game items. Virtual Masks are already making their way into the game and will be rewarded to anyone who chooses to donate.

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