EVE Online’s free-to-play~ish mode will be arriving a few days later than initially thought. The expansion that will introduce what are referred to as “Clone States” — with one state being a a somewhat lite, and therefore free-to-play version of the game — will now arrive November 15 instead of the 8th as previously reported.

In honor of the upcoming expansion, CCP has released one of their famous player-centric trailers, highlighting the player-based narrative of the game, the massive battles, and all the sexy spaceship porn you could want.

Also being introduced with the new expansion — titled Ascension — are a new class of player built structures: Engineering Complexes, Command Bursts to replace the Warfare Link system, a Fitting Simulator, and more.

To check out the full list of features, additions, and changes coming with the Ascension expansion, check out the expansion page on the EVE Online site.

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  1. Well, as they say this game is not for kids that’s why they don`t have that many players like LoL. Indeed it takes time to upgrade your skills but its really fun if you have friends and the subscription is cheap even if you don`t have a job. Not for you, move on.

  2. This game is even more worse than any of the millions of text based time gated games out there at least they allow you to pay to shorten time frames, but here you have to spend up to few grand to get anywhere in subs.. its honestly not worth it..

  3. The problem about this is its FALSE STATEMENT by CCP!
    its a locked game, Your completely enclosed.
    As I said before
    its a basically a prison with paying wardens laughing at you.
    Also the other major part that CCP never seems to want to portray is the enormous dedication to PAY for skills, you need to PAY EVERY MONTH in order to evolve your skills!
    These skills take forever and ever to complete, NOT A FEW WEEKS, NOT A FEW MTHS, BUT YEARS! YEARS of PAY-STAYING! Even then, you can not and you will not ever match someone who has been playing since day one…god help him/her. 🙁
    The eve game is set for hard core PAYERS not players.
    When you think your getting into this game, you find most of the monthly money spent/wasted, is on you popping into the game just to click the next skills and popping out of it just to wait a mth or more for those skills to finish and hit the next lot of buttons!
    As glorified as CCP make it look and falsely sound..
    This is just another bad decision/statement that CCP has made.
    You’d honestly be better off playing a FREE browser space building game!
    as you know and I know, that will get just as boring as well over time.

  4. I honestly think it’s a good idea for a free 2 play system. I hate how it’s limited but at least they won’t throw garbage in your face like micro currency like most free 2 play games do.

    • Limited is not good. Its like a demo version where free to play players are only there for the entertrainment of the paying players. You either pay money or spent unlimited time or you wont have fun.

      Pay for cosmentics is the only fair system I support.

        • Only very few mmos sporting a sub work these days.
          Eventually all of them are destined to become dead, without F2P to bring the crowd in that is.
          Even whales will get bored from throwing wallets at each other eventually.

          Really, what a pathetic age we live in.
          MMOs were supposed to test your actual abilities, like smarts, reflexes, skills.
          But these days they only test your bank accounts.

    • True It’s probably also why World of warcraft released a limited free 2 play version. But now that I been thinking about this I guess it’s a decent system but I still wouldn’t want it on my game if I was incharge but if it was in popular demand then I guess I’d support it.

      • Just to add.. We are talking about a massive skill system gap here.. it took years for players to get anything out of the game… A free to play person joining in on this game with severely limited skills will not see it coming until about a month or so in. They are expecting people to join in and see how bad the free to play is and then sub and then after a few months they see how bad the rest of the game is and leave while they get to keep the money you already invested. Its a dirty plan.

    • Also I guess I support the paying for cosmetics but I’d support it as long as they don’t shove it in your face like some games seem to do.


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