Sony Online Entertainment announced that MMORPG EverQuest II (EQII) is now free-to-play (again…). All PC users will be able to freely download, install and launch the game without charge. Available free content includes the base game and all expansions up to and including EverQuest II Sentinel’s Fate as well as the brand new Freeport Reborn game update. The game’s eighth overall expansion – Age of Discovery – is also now available for purchase as a digital download, and introduces the fan-favorite Beastlord class and Dungeon Maker feature! This might seem confusing considering last year’s introduction of the separate “free to play” service for EQII called “EverQuest II: Extended”.

For EverQuest II players, there are now three membership levels: Free, Silver and Gold. Existing Platinum memberships will continue until they expire.


Free – All new players or “Bronze” level members from EverQuest II Extended will have two character slots to max out at level 90. Some game features will be restricted, including available races, bag slots, spell tiers, equipment grades and more.
Silver – Any player who purchases the Silver Upgrade token for 500 Station Cash (or $5 USD) will have fewer restrictions than “free” users. This level does not expire and includes all of the Free membership features plus additional features including character slots, bag slots, spell tiers, unlimited chat options and more.
Gold – Gold membership is available for $14.99 USD per month and provides access to 16 classes, 15 races, seven character slots, six bag slots per character, access to Legendary and Fabled equipment, and more.

A matrix detailing the three new EQII membership levels is available here:

The new membership system coincides with the launch of EverQuest II’s 62nd overall game update – Freeport Reborn. Available for free to all players, the new game update follows an aftermath of violence and disorder in Freeport. Here, citizens are called to action by the returning Overlord Lucan D’Lere to help eliminate those who betrayed him, consolidate his hold on the city, and restore Freeport to its rightful place as Norrath’s center of power. Transformed into a single zone with a convenient central commerce hub by the docks, the revamped Freeport features new quests at different levels that allow all players to assist the local citizens and learn more about the Freeport story.

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      • it is still very restricted… you can’t pick most of the classes or races and you can’t equip the good equipment only crappy ones…

        • Yea this seems way too restricted. Still got restrictions on the Auction house too which just screws their paying players as well. Not being able to equip any good gear or use any good skills is crap too. Think they could make enough money off of people buying classes/races/char slots. Turbine > SOE for free to play apparently.


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