Everquest 2

EverQuest II is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG based upon the popular Everquest. The game was originally released back in 2004 as a subscription-based, but was re-released in July 2010 as a free to play game.

Available free content includes the base game and all expansions up to and including EverQuest II Sentinel’s Fate as well as the brand new Freeport Reborn game update. The game’s eighth overall expansion – Age of Discovery – is also now available for purchase as a digital download, and introduces the fan-favorite Beastlord class and Dungeon Maker feature!

All new free players will have two character slots to max out at level 90. Some game features will be restricted, including available races, bag slots, spell tiers, equipment grades and more.

Screenshots credit goes to Stowic and the EQ2 Guild "Outlaws"

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Everquest 2

Daybreak Games
Daybreak Games
Release Date
November 08, 2004
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 7


3 GB


17 GB


Intel Core 2 Duo E4400/AMD Athlon x2 4050e


Nvidia GeForce 8800/AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT

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Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (17)

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Stowic - Halls Of Fate 5 years ago
There is no MMORPG Like this. Great character Customization, Tonnes of classes to choose from, Loads of Races to pick from. Different starting out areas, Insanely refined Skill System, Fully customisable Skills which is Alternate Advancement Points which basically allow you to modify what all of your skills do. Not seen anything like this to this level of quality in any other game out there. Levelling system is absolutely brilliant with a tonne of content that will take you years to complete and explore. in - game Achievements that range from completing quests, levelling up, Doing instances, Killing Raid bosses in Dungeons & Open World, Tradeskilling, you name it. Lots of Different types of armour that have fantastic unique looking skins. Same with Weapons, glowing weapons, Poison dripping weapons, huge Claymores. you name it, they have it. and I mean that. This game has been my home since the beginning and it has never once disappointed me. I have not come across any bugs in a good 6 years, and I am one of those every day all day players. This game is truly up there with the Greats if it is not already The Great. Harvesting, Collecting "Shines" which when you have a full set you trade it in for a unique reward, be it housing items, gear, weapons, accessories, mounts. Now I love how this game works and everything. there is so much to choose from. Horses to Mounts that Glide or Leap to Magical Flying Carpets to Dragons, again you name it and they will probably have it. They even have Ducks. Now onto Housing, Hundreds of locations where houses are, you have normal inns, 2 rooms pretty standard, then you have 3 room houses with a garden and an upstairs. Then you have your Mansions - per say houses. which have balconies, 2 floors, gardens, 5-6 rooms. Then you have your Prestige houses that are Places which where raid zones etc with all the mobs gone. Housing items are probably if not already in the thousands, they look so refined and insanely crazy, if you don't believe me just look up on youtube EQ2 Guild Hall Creations and you will see a wide range of items, from fountains to horse stables ( where you can actually convert your mounts into house items) and can convert them back to mounts whenever you want.
Now this game is Beautiful in the way that if you are starting out and have missed a lot of the content that people dont really do anymore since it is not the major stuff that is happening at the high levels. and lets say you wanted to do a raid that you could not do at that level. They have the Chronomage System which lets you spend a little bit of in game currency (super duper duper cheap even for a level 20) and a bit of status points that you get from tradeskilling, and adventuring and what - not. and you can make yourself a lower level. So you could be max level and "Mentor" down to lets say 20 and do a raid zone that you have never done before, so you can see all the work they put in and how beautiful it is.
So by this point you are probably wondering "hey what is the P2W side of things" now this is quite simple. The Shop consists of 4 sections which i will break up. Section 1 is the cosmetics which have no affect on your character apart from their appearance this is like 70% of the shop. Section 2 is the Familairs and Mercenaries section. You can buy crates that contain a mercenary which is like a companion that you can use. it is a random chance at what you get, so no one really buys those, Familiars on the other hand, they provide a very small stat increase in game, but they can also be gotten in game with no need to pay, currently the one that you get from doing level 110 crafting is extreamly good, which requires no source of payment. Section 3 is your Add ons that you can choose to get, be Membership wich i will go into in a bit and Account wide unlockables. Now every class and character is free apart from a select few which is needed to be bought with real cash. But every class is unique to its abilities, the classes that you can pay for are very hard to use and is not new player friendly. but dont think just because if you pay for it, it will be one of the best. You have your Healers, Your DPS, Your Bards, Your Tanks, Your Scouts. So tanks will produce low damage output while a dps will have a higher output. bards will have medium dps but provide stat buffs that are group wide, but affect certain classes like mages or tanks or Scounts. Your Healers well will be healing while producing the odd damage spell here and there. your Scouts are like high Burst damage with medium damage after the burst is done. Onto Section 4. Section 4 of the Shop is Loyalty points. now loyalty points are gotten from, Harvesting,Killing Bosses,Tradeskilling,Doing Dungeons. you get 1 token a day. P2W people dont have any effect on this what so ever, you will still get the same amount. But in the shop is stuff like housing items,maybe a class change, so if you are lets say a Paladin which is good, your evil Opposit will be a ShadowKnight. You can spend 50 tokens to buy a betrayal token which will allow you to convert from Paladin to ShadowKnight. The loyalty tokens are also used for maybe a small stat increase item that you place on your gear which gives it a small increase in a certain area, be it Health or Power, or attack speed. The Shop is very friendly and just because you are P2W for instance does not mean you are 10 steps ahead of anyone. Now you might be thinking "after reading this why do people have membership" Great question. Membership will allways have a few small bonuses, 10% more gold, if you do a dungeon and a currency drops of a boss you will get 2x the amount while a free to play player will get what is shown in the box. But that has never been a problem for anyone. yes it takes a bit more time but it is still easy to keep up with everyone. Now onto the next thing. Members are given access to a special "Tag" on items, if it has the Tag "Prestige" on it you will not be able to use it unless you are a member. Now this is quite normal, not many gear has this, and if it does it is stilly only a minor stat increase from its F2P Version. But Prestige does not kick in until ruffly level 100, and im sure if you made it there you will have no hesitation in buying a membership since it is fairly cheap for your good time. That is all Membership affects, Everyone gets the same Dungeon Cooldowns, same Chances for items to drop, Same everything apart from those items i pointed out. Now the cool thing i love about this game is the Expansions it provides ( Add ons like major updates) you do have to pay for every and listen to this word carefully "New Update" that they release. so if you want to play lets say X expansion which is the newest one but you dont have enough Money, you can still play every expansion before that for free. but as soon as a new expansion is released the "X Expansion" will become free for anyone. Ofcouse having the expansion if you are already max level and it has just came out is a wise choice to get it. Now there is 3 versions of the expansion you can buy, Normal standard addition which provides acces to the New maps, Quests, Gear,Dungeons,Quests,Levels,Tradeskills. it comes with a level 100 character boost and a few other things that will help you get started. Expansions are around £27.12 for the Standared Edition. Then the collectors edition Contains, everything in the normal + maybe a free mercenary,New mount,level 100 tradeskill token, a Prestige House and a weapon. Now these are only things to help you get started, they will be replaced maybe after 2 weeks so it is just a headstart. That is around £69.74. Then we have the Premium Edition which contains everything in the other editions + normally a few more mounts, some gear,some potions more tokens and a little bit more goodies. This one is for £108.49. But honnestly i am in a great raiding guild and i only ever buy standared editions. The other stuff i just look at as cosmetics and little starter items. This game is Definitely worth all of the 12 years i have put into it. Great Graphics, Fluent Animations, Hardly no P2W system at all. ah i forgot to mention the membership uses something called Krono to activate it which can be bought for In game money Off the Broker OR you can buy it for around £12 on the shop. they are tradable so you can sell them in game to other players. So everything is basically free you just need to commit. Active Forums where everyone says everything. you ask a question it will be answered within an hour but a numerous amount of people including maybe the devs which i find a great honor to speak with them. Loads of Content to explore, Practically impossible to do everything in this game. There will allways be somthing you have never ever done before or known about no matter how long you have played it for. Next to 0 bugs which i find as absolutely amazing. Great Community. Guilds, Friends lists, you name it. Hardcore players, who raid to people who just want a guild with a casual based tone, groups here & there, active people, lots of chatting. This game has everything MMORPGS Strive for years upon years to get but never achieve. it is Crazy how this game is such a hidden Gem. Well worth your time. I had a great time writing this review and i hope to see you in game.

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Darren 7 years ago
Everquest 2's free to play has much less limitations than it originally had when it came out. I have been playing it since 2004 on US server (Faydark<Befallen<Oasis)< which is now Maj'dul. I now reside on Splitpaw EU EN server. There is 100 levels in both adventure and tradekills, and 350 alternative achievement, 7000+ quests. Ok theres not alot of people playing at the lower levels but once u get to max they always people doing heroic (group instances 6 people) or raiding (24 people(4 groups)), they is new expansion due 17th November 2015, IMO EQ2 is the MMO of MMOs, ok yes there might be other mmos with better graphics, more players, but content why, EQ2 has it. Sick of mount on, combat, off comes the mount, once the mob is dead recast the mount.... yeah never happens in EQ2, ur runspeed is suspended during combat but once u finish killing mount speed returns, Never have to cast group buffs when you die! only your single target buffs. Reforge your armor so you have the stats you want, switch between your alternative achievements layouts within few seconds (out of combat). Broker (auction house) does not fee the seller, also access it anywhere. Theirs so much more but i would try it get up to level 100 try some group and raid instances, just don't judge it buy its old 2004 graphics and lack of lower level players.

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dave 8 years ago
yes im curious on EQ2 how much is it actually free cuz i want to be sure its not like wow where u can only do stuff if u pay how is the game

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the dude 8 years ago

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rdgsdf 8 years ago
im thinking of downloading a game. either eq2 r dragons prophet.im looking for graphics,community and content

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Rolan 9 years ago
Free-roam or Instance-based?

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Reg 9 years ago
EQ2 has just today released it's latest expansion - Tears of Veeshan.

This is a Level 95 xpac with a revamped itemization. I've been playing since 2009 and love it.

A little on the entire EQ2 game: They've just changed the F2P restrictions again so you get more for free.

All F2P players can now carry as much coin as they want, have all their bag slots available and most importantly, wear any level of equipment and items (before it was restricted to mid tier gear without unlockers)

There's 3 levels of "membership", Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is compeltely free, but has some restrictions to chat channels, can't access the broker to buy or sell and some other stuff. Not critical for playing, but kinda annoying.

Silver costs a one time $5, and releases the chat restrictions, allows you to buy on the broker (but can't sell things without unlockers) and gives you some more character slots.

Gold gives you some freebies each month, a minor stat buff to experience, coin drops and mount speed, allows you to sell on the broker for free, and most importantly, allows you to move your experience slider to determine how much experience goes in Alternative Advancement points (AAs).

You can buy Kronos off other players (bought for $17 from SOE) to consume as 1 months Gold Subsciption, so rich players can play as Gold for free.

Great game, good graphics for age (although they're CPU intensive) and well worth a look for free.

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ryan 10 years ago
are they bringing back star wars galaxies? i want to know because i missed that game so much

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cannan 10 years ago
lol it wont play on a note book because it needs a 3D graphics card

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Ayrid 10 years ago
Key Points about Everquest 2: Player population seems to be mature MMOers - Im talking 30 years old to over 70 years old (I hope I can click a keyboard when I get into my golden years.) If you have a good system with the best graphic card - EQ2 Graphics are AMAZING - I have played almost every MMO out there over the past 15 years and EQ2 blows them out of the water - IF your computer can do it. Gear itemization is extremely detailed along with character stats and character development. This gives each player class a huge margin of diversity - and having the ability to have two totally different character specs - just enhances your playability with your characters. Also new is that the soe developers have torn down that wall between players and development and actually listen to the player base and change things accordingly. With new content or features updated two or more times a year - Everquest 2 is a game that has perpetual substance and playability. Its a game that many players come back to, after trying all the others.

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bluezone 11 years ago
The new Free to play option for EQ2 is actually a lot better. F2P users can play to highest level (90), you get every expansion for the game free except the two newest, and a lot more. Even as a F2P user you still will never get close to completing all of the quests. This game has 8 years of updates that have brought in loads of new features. The graphics are gorgeous, along with the character animations. One of the best new features that has been recently released is the dungeon maker system that allows the player to make dungeons of their very own, providing a limitless amount of dungeons. Other features include player housing, mounts(flying and ground), huge game world, 20 races and 25 classes, a large very friendly community, 100's of areas to explore, epic raids. I've played many MMO's, F2P and P2P, and I must say this is the greatest and most polished one out there. If your looking for a game that has thought of everything (you can even play in first person) then look no further than Everquest.

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gamejunkie 12 years ago
As one of the first successful MMORPGs out there I expected abit more when they decided to make a F2P version of everquest. It's alot like WoW and PW, the graphics are sub par, the music is ok and there lots of quests to do. great variety (if you pay) and good customization options. The biggest drawback is that if you don't want to pay you won't have access to most of the game period. Theres a gold cap, a lvl cap, ability cap and you only get to choose a small fraction of the races and classes available. IMO if everquest wants to compete in the MMO game market these days it might want to offer a little more for non-paying users.

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Nymphilis 12 years ago
despite the min requirements, this game will not play on a netbook...bs

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