EverQuest Celebrates 18th Anniversary With Free Heroic Character, New Missions, and More!

Jason Winter
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EverQuest 18th Anniversary

EverQuest is legally an adult. The venerable MMORPG launched on March 16, 1999 and is now celebrating 18 years of continuous operation with a host of new quests and giveaways for loyal -- or even brand-new -- players.

Here's a list of what Daybreak Game Company is doing to commemorate this important milestone:

  • If you've ever played EverQuest, you can receive a free heroic character until March 31. You can also claim this bonus if you're a new player and have an All Access membership.
  • All characters receive bonus XP until the end of the month.
  • Two new player-designed missions, developed by players at SOE Live 2014: "Fippy’s Further Revenge" and "Delving into Frostcrypt."
  • A new mission, "Tsaph’s Day Off," which gives you an item you can use to teleport to one of six locations.
  • New rewards for Commemorative Coins.
  • Anniversary content from the 14th through 17th anniversary celebrations; events from the 5th through 13th anniversaries kick off on April 12.
  • A dark elf-themed crate in the marketplace.
  • You can read about all the events on the main page for the anniversary celebrations and the free heroic character here. Also make sure to check out the letter from Producer Holly Longdale that talks about the plans for another progression server, Agnarr, coming this summer.

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