EverQuest Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale broke some oft-unwelcome news on the EQ2 forums earlier this week when she announced that her team would be merging some of the game’s US servers to “tackle population health issues.”

The merge will occur sometime in the next few months, before the end of the year, as the team also works on cross-server dungeon and battleground implementation. After that, a solution for low-pop international servers will be put forth, though straight server merges on that front will make things more difficult, due to the multiple languages barrier.

Merging servers can be a painful thing for MMO fans and devs, but you at least have to give Daybreak Game Company credit for not beating around the bush and not calling the action by some euphemism like “evolution,” right?

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  1. November 8, 2004 was the initial release for this old hag. I believe they’re doing some spring cleaning for the new stuff to come in. I don’t see anything wrong with shutting down an old game.

  2. Former eq fan/player. Feel free to direct hatred at me but they have it coming still trying to charge 60 bucks for expansions on games that are already struggling to keep their player base with so many competing titles. All they’d have to do is come off their high horse with an actual free to play model rather than the endless trial loot with pay walls they try to hid until end game content is reached. It’s sad seeing another classic franchise fade out but both Sony and SE are digging them selves into holes that even Microsoft couldn’t dig them out of with their reluctance to conform. They were given the boot from their parent company for that very reason and still have shown no efforts to change their game plan.


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