EverQuest Opens Second Progression Server, Lockjaw

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EverQuest progression servers: an idea so nice, they did it twice!

The response to the Ragefire progression server for classic EverQuest fans to enjoy was so phenomenal that Daybreak decided to double down on the concept, opening another progression server, Lockjaw, earlier today. As it was put on the EQ forums shortly after Ragefire's launch:

"Ragefire was built to accommodate more players than the previous two progression servers combined. Looking at all historical data from EverQuest, we really felt this would be enough to meet player demand. After looking at numbers from last weekend, it’s obvious it wasn’t."

That's great news for eager old-school fans who couldn't get into Ragefire because of its massive population, but there are still a number of questions that players have, as evidenced by the replies to the thread. Free character transfers from Ragefire to Lockjaw are the #1 concern, for those who did manage to create characters on Ragefire but can rarely log on, as well as concerns about monk and mage balance and multiboxers taking up space.

Have you tried either of the progression servers for EverQuest? If so, tell us what you think!

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Discussion (2)

blackone91 8 years ago
Now if they could just bring back SWG like that and blizz go back to clssic servers, then this would be the year of MMOs :p

SqueezyTime 8 years ago
This was definitely needed. Trying to coordinate with a group of friends was absolute hell. Some of us were only in queue for about 20 minutes; others couldn't get in for almost 2 hours. Despite the hassle, after we finally all got on we had a blast. It really reminded me how MMOs today completely fail at providing quality multiplayer experiences.

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