Those of you who may not be familiar with the MMORPG Arcane Saga may in fact know it by another name. gPotato originally launched the MMO internationally in 2011 under the name Prius Online, but the game shutdown in March of last year. Since then it has been pulled from its early grave and been reborn as Arcane Saga under the guiding wing of Netmarble.

However, Netmarble has done more than just rebrand Prius Online. Over the last year the company has been hard at work trying to improve the game for re-release. It makes sense seeing as the MMORPG closed only a year after its international launch. Clearly there are areas Netmarble could perhaps improve upon, but exactly what improvements the company is making I couldn’t tell you. There is mention of an updated combat system, class skill tweaks and changes to the overall questing experience, but this was from my own snooping on the game’s forums. A quick gander at the them reveals mixed impressions though.

You can however, reserve judgement for yourself and participate in the closed-but-not-really beta currently underway until May 12th. You can read more about the game’s features or try out the closed beta by visiting the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Haha you people are all a bunch of idiots, raging against each other: “blah blah this MMO is better, blah blah, that MMO is better” and “Omg you fail at life”. All of you need to obviously look at yourself first before even starting something like this… Stop dragging on pointless discussions and actually comment on what the actual topic is instead.

    And I’m curious. Prius Online looked interesting when it was released, but I have a certain dislike towards Gpotato, so I never tried it. I hope Netmarble is a better publisher for this game. Currently playing TERA: Rising, but the lack of content makes me want to jump to another game… for just a while. Need some distraction.

    • Did you end up trying ASO? OBT comes out soon and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of changes/improvements they made from CBT.

      • Thing is right now they changed it so things work like “from level y to x you’re solo, from w to z you’re party” and blabla before those changes the game had the same ammount of class/race characters each with 2 different gameplays… now it’s just messed up, sounds like you’re being told to reset your skills constantly so you can play the way you want back to gpotato days it was a pretty normal way, you could use First set of skills even if you had turned to second class, skills added up by the player’s choice and that used to give some singularity to each player but now it’s just about the same thing to everybody -.-

  2. I played prius a bit back when it was called prius (and fully released, not closed beta) and uh..well looking back on it now, I’m sure someone cut my heroin with drain cleaner because that game was way terrible. It’s hard to improve on mediocrity. It used to be ridiculously grindy, boring as heck with a tedious amount of travel and gender-locked classes to boot. Basically another example of the typical asian F2P.

    Short of the entire game being redone top to bottom I cannot realistically see this as doing any better in the long run than Prius..especially since people know it used to be Prius and thus have bad memories..they come in jaded. Arcane Saga better “dress to impress” or I’ll fall back into the shadows like its previous itteration. We don’t need another Requiem.*

    *and if you don’t know what I’m refering to–Requiem is buggy as hell, neglected, grindy as all get-out and /runs on a supremely small community that barely keeps the game afloat/..which is what’ll happen if they don’t get their crap together.

    • Did you try ASO? They completely changed the game from Prius Online. Gender-locked classes remain but most of what you said was changed. Actually a lot of people who played the old version don’t like the new one because there were so many changes. I think if they fix some things (leveling should be slower, during the 1-week CBT one person even reached level 60) I think the game will do well, but one of those things needs to be the skill system because at the moment everyone gets all their useful skills at level 1 and uses the same skills until level 100.

  3. game just started, it’s technically a whole new game since they changed 80% of gameplay, interface, skill, systems, etc.

    based on GM’s responds they’ll attempt to persuade the developers into adding more story line, cut scenes and quests, plus improving or returning Anima system back to what it used to be.

    It is in CBT atm, so there’s bound to be bugs.
    If you’re not fond of bugs or the high speed leveling (for CBT only), than you should steer clear of this game until OBT or release when most issues are solved.

    Try not to bash others or even the GMs themselves, since the GM aren’t actually in control of the game, they currently act as Community Manager and can only send messages to developers.

  4. That new Class/Job seems more troublesome than it looks, they’ve split it into “Solo, Party and PvP” sets of skills which you aparently cannot use, let’s say Solo skills while in Party-based Job and so on not to mention that there’s no choosing of classes like before, now your interaction with your Anima was reduced

    • I’m still hoping they do something about the job system, maybe bring back the old skills. You cant use PVP skills in PVE so the only people using PVP skills will be people trying to kill people who are training e.e It doesn’t seem like a good idea to separate the jobs like that with how PVP works in this game.

  5. well, it’s all rehashes of outdated systems. its all people know. and frankly its getting dull as hell in here. how many people are gonna copy-paste WoW’s engine into other games before the mmo industry is half dead and in ruins? not many people are stepping up to make game changing mechanics! and the few that do are getting somewhat hated for it! a good example is firefall.. people kept whining about their oh so precious loot drops that r5 made crafting components rare drops. no this ain’t a whole gun or weapon its one of the pieces of a weapon etc as far as i know. they brought that back, though in a smaller sense, incomplete. i guess they just need to find that balance?

    • omg rilly releaseing games will not break the mmo idustry how weak do you think is industry is i mean rilly get over it not every game has to be new some time tuning a old muscle and be better then buying a new car i say firefall is nothing new their are whiners for every game no matter what you do now can we more or less stay on topic people

      • Yet, you speak like a… well.. worse than a 3 year old. Even kindergartens know how to spell and use punctuation marks (period, question mark, exclamation point, etc.) -.- seriously?

          • Just ignore the asshole trolls. You had a valid point and who the hell cares how another person types? It gets annoying seeing people complain about every single game posted weather they try it or not and it’s almost always some newbie with three years or less of mmo experience calling them ‘wow clones’.

  6. Why MMOBomb is failing. Their Free to Play Weekly Show is not every week. They still have Jess on their homepage representing their YouTube Channel. Their top 10 articles along the sidebar haven’t been updated in months, and in some cases years. Their giveaways are not unique, i see them on every site. Their site looks like any other wordpress MMO site you can create over the weekend. Need I go on? Try out MMO Attack and try out the real thing.

    • then leave we dont want trollers like you here or peopel who cant stat on topic
      (no spell check warning)

      as far as the game gose niverwinter was never rilly my tipe of game after playing it the game jest seemed souless their are Games and their are games you can tell the difrence if you play it for a while i sat that this new basicly update to the game in question is nice and the people that played before seem to want to go back it was on my list of games i would log in to ever 3 or 4 weeks so i am happy to see it back some kids jest dont get why we had point and click rpgs to begin with and i dont rilly see why they bash thangs they dont understand

  7. im sory but this lloks like nother mmorpg with point and kill mechanic , i dont tthing it has nothing new ….

  8. oh please to god update the anima’s chatting the version at gpotato was so fuking anoying i want her to be like the prans in aika

  9. After my head exploded from the changes in this game, I’m actually starting to enjoy it. I might be biased though I loved it’s old incarnation from Gpot.

    But either way, I’m just happy as hell to be a green skinned, bad ass huntress running around killing things!

    • When I first started playing ASO I was having a hard time adjusting to the changes, but I also started having fun the more I played (the new customization options were really nice too). I did get a bit disappointed when I saw my level 50 skills weren’t able to be used on monsters though.

  10. well NW is quite boring both pve and pvp, and somehow it feels that there isn’t any good mmo games atm look how many recent games was hyped and went straight to drain at least for me, im more pvp guy because i dont think that pve (story) in any mmo is that important for me its about gameplay mechanics if they will fail there no one will help it. especially after playing “BioShock Infinite” i dont think that there will be any story that i will have intrest in for long time.

    • wildstar is an mmorpg coming out 2013, its looking amazing so far with a bull shit, REAL revolutionary mmorpg features done right. Its taking all the fun points of GW2 , Borderlands 2 and functional mechanics of older mmorpgs like everquest and WoW. Check it out.

    • i know what you mean it look like crap with no skill involve just like NW stand and spam 123.

      i played prius before it got shut down and all i can say is that it requires kiting skills atleast.

      • Spam 123? There isn’t anything spam-able on those keys, Any mmo is just spamming abilities, kiting is required in Neverwinter, as it is in most mmorpgs, because this game doesn’t suit your needs why come and down it? No one cares about your opinion, you are a nobody in society, just another person making the game companies money. Go play your asain mmo’s that no ones heard about and pretend you’re good at something in life.

        • Grow up mister skill Fanboy. Its not like ur opinion is more worth in fact, it inst at all. NW is just a boring game an i played it from the 1st beta day because i love get ride of Bugs, but other than that…Everywhere u go u will see the word “zen”. Yeah, very skilled if u gonna get important things around each corner for real money. Always click the same buttons. Go to A. Bring that item to place b. Move to that doungeon, talk to this person. ya, so revolutioner this game.
          Mabye u try some other games instead beeing a little kid that lost his lollie.

          • Most mmorpgs have quests that are get x number of y for z. The combat is really fun and heavy, it makes it more fun then most other mmorpgs I’ve played, and I’ve played many of them. Never good at them, but did play it. Maybe this NW is just not for you.

          • Man you have mad skillz to be to have so many grammatical errors and spelling. I want them poorly educated stylez please. Learn to type son and maybe people will take you serious!

        • Mister Skill your parents must have not love you in real life to much that’s why you come to the internet to be Mr. Tough skilled guy right, i didn’t ask for anyone to care about my opinion but you seem to care to reply back so your comment there is irreverent, i got to lv30 in NW and lv40 with 3 toons in Prius before it got shut down if you require kiting in NW than you must fail hard seeing as how the dungeon there are easy enough that if the tank do his job right no one is require to even move much at all so you must require kiting so much cause you ran into mobs thinking your a tank when your a dps and try to tank everything running around like an idiot.

        • You sir are the essence of stupidity. Just go back to consoles because unless you don’t understand pc games.
          And news flash. Quite a few games originated in Asia including Sony itself. So go rant somewhere else because you clearly don’t understand this.
          PLUS there’s freedom of speech here so….Don’t go flipping off people. I swear… Comments are comments not a place to argue. There are forums for a reason people 😀


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