Grinding Gear Games kicked off its annual celebration of all things Path of Exile — ExileCon — today with a keynote offering a look at the future of the game. The developer surprised players with the announcement of a Path of Exile sequel — aptly titled Path of Exile 2.

The sequel (also referred to as Path of Exile 4.0) picks up 20 years after the defeat of Kitava. It features a full seven-act storyline and houses its own complete campaign.

The reason for creating Path of Exile 2 was to create something that met 2019 quality standards while also addressing the fact that just simply adding more to the original game would drag things out too much for players. However, the devs wanted to ensure they wouldn’t simply be splitting their player-base. So, Path of Exile 2 is designed to go alongside the original PoE and share the endgame. This ensures that both versions of the game will be maintained and players will benefit from new additions, such as skills, in both. In addition, anything purchased in the store will be usable in both Path of Exile and PoE 2.

Following the announcement, a deeper look at PoE 2 was offered. This can be viewed in the keynote video at the bottom of this post. If you’d like to just watch the trailer, you can do that here as well.

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  1. Almoust notning new, almoust nothing change in grafics,gameplay and ofcourse overpriced cashop(“thx” for that Tencent). Even cashshop in Black Desert not that overpriced like in PoE and i know why. Becouse PoE moustly owned by Tencent(china) and BD owned by Pearl Abyss(korea). Koreans love money too but they are not their slaves like “someone” greedy we all know.

  2. We have amounted a lot of games in the past and they were great at their time of release but they just won’t move onward towards the next stage, this Path Of Exile 2 shows you can and that you should make a newer project of an older game.
    In the case of real old ones they are completely stubborn and all way to set in their ways, becoming antiques of gaming, not really a good thing, as they should of moved onward and remade a better game with today’s or yesterdays standards in case of real ancient ones. 🙂


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