Exoprimal Is Officially Out, And So Begins Season 1 (Featuring The “Survival Pass")

Capcom's third-person shooter launched today, July 14, on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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Time to slay some dinosaurs because Exoprimal, Capcom's third-person shooter, is officially live on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

And so Season 1 begins, sticking around for the next three months (until Season 2). Players can expect a wide range of exosuits categorized as Assault, Tank, and Support. Some exosuits, however, may require reaching specific player levels to unlock. As players increase their Player Level and Suit Level, they unlock modules that modify the performance and abilities of the exosuits. Experimentation is possible too, with different module combinations to help players find their preferred playstyle.

At launch, the game offers six maps — Downtown, Airport, Ruins, Dam, Space Elevator, and Volcanic Base — where players will undertake challenging missions assigned by crazy AI Leviathan. The missions range from Dinosaur Cull to VTOL Defense, with additional special assignments and story-related missions. Furthermore, in the game’s Dino Survival mode, players will have the option to choose their final mission preference: PvP, PvE, or Random (mix of both, and bonus EXP).

Exoprimal will feature a game pass, or “Survival Pass,” with each season as well. As with any game pass, players increase their level the more they play, earning rewards at the end of each match. There’s also the Premium Tier, which offers exclusive rewards, available for purchase.

(Please note that Exoprimal requires a linked CAPCOM ID in order to play, and while it is cross platform, you cannot create parties with friends across platforms.)

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