Free-to-play MMORPG Ember Sword is still trucking along since its initial reveal last year, and the September dev update is packed with lots of info about what’s been going on. There’s a big focus on lore, notably the Ultra Deep, which is the game’s version of raids. Without spoiling too much of the juicy story, suffice it to say that the Ultra Deep is a kind of mad science lab where “Hulking, hellish beasts – formerly pitiful lab subjects” prowl the halls. Insert something about scientists doing without asking first whether they should do.

It looks as if developers Bright Star Studios is prioritizing its various social media channels, so you can get the basics of the game from the website and the up-to-the-minute updates through various channels, especially Discord. That’s where you can learn more about the lore of the game, as well as see screenshots of the Ultra Deep and other parts of the game.

In particular, level designer Thorvald took part in a recent podcast (Spotify, Apple) where he talked about his inspirations and his favorite games. There’s a new episode every Friday, so check it out if you want to learn more about the game and the team behind it.

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