F2P "PUBG Lite" Gets Test Run In Thailand, With Eye Toward Bringing It To Other Regions

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

I didn't include PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on my list of games that could go F2P, because ... well, I don't think it will. That said, there is a free-to-play PUBG out there, and you can play it right now -- if you live in Thailand, that is.

The PUBG Corporation today announced the open beta test for PUBG Lite, with the primary goal to "Deliver the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS experience to players in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available." For now, that's limited to Thailand, and players there can enjoy a "build that is playable even on computers and laptops utilizing integrated graphics."

The minimum specs do seem rather gentle, and even the recommended specs should be reasonable for older rigs:

PUBG Lite is being billed as a standalone product with its own dev team. It only has the first PUBG map, Erangel, and offers solo, duo, and squad play.

Naturally, the reason we're covering PUBG Lite it's free-to-play, though there's no word on whether or how it will be monetized. Testing is currently limited to Thailand, but the results of those tests will help PUBG Corp determine "if this is a viable product for other regions."

Considering how poorly the real PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ran on my aging computer when I tried it out a year ago, I would have probably welcomed a F2P PUBG with lowered requirements. I've now got a new machine, but if PUBG Lite comes stateside and remains F2P, I might still give it a shot. Would you?

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