A vast array of heroes from both myth and history will be laying waste to one another in Crytek‘s upcoming MOBA Arena of Fate. Character selection already ranges anywhere from Robin Hood to Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein to Joan of Arc– and even an electrifying return of Nikola Tesla is in the works in this rumble of the greats.

Attempting to fill the shoes of many of this worlds common names, opposing teams of 5-vs-5 will stand off as reincarnated legends, wielding skill and power themed to their place in their lore. A more in depth look at how gameplay mechanics will function and a broader insight on the game as a whole should be on the way, as it will be featured at E3.

Although Arena of Fate will be available for both PC and console, it is unclear as of now which consoles will support it. Beta is scheduled for sometime this summer, and anyone looking to enter the arena can join up on the official website.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Whoever made that trailer should be fired. Completely useless.

    If this isn’t a modern MOBA (third person instead of top-down), it’ll fail. Simple as that. Trying to compete against DOTA2 and LoL is suicide unless you’re Blizzard aiming at casuals.

  2. with that many mobas out there with way more variety on champions/heroes/characters whats the point on another clon,i may be interesting if there is some other company that changes the character looks at least,lets say anime style characters,cute skins,keeping some japanese voices also for female characters :3 one moba its what we need,no more NA realist serius boring desing on the characters that looks like diablo or WoW.

    • Core Masters is an anime themed MOBA, its out in south Korea, coming soon maybe in NA they have a site but all it has is a video and says coming soon. there are youtube videos of it so you could check those out.

  3. The more MOBAs, the better. Competition is what keeps companies like LoL on their toes because they know that if they don’t continue to develop a good product, they’ll lose players and eventually go out of business.

    • “if they don’t continue to develop a good product, they’ll lose players and eventually go out of business.” I call bullshit. They don’t develop a good product, they develop a popular one. There is a distinct difference. For the sake of comparison..

      Mcdonalds would be the popular product while lets say something like red lobster would be the good product.

  4. If this game get to be played THROUGH GFACE (Like Warface) I’ll scrap that before it even comes out. Fking gface is clunky piece of sheet portal that act as wannabe Battlelog and the game launcher at the same time. (fking Firefox has to be on all the time with half of the launcher always loaded in ram so u can run the game from there and then load separate client… it’s just a mess.). Make a separate launcher and we can negotiate about this.

  5. It is always good to get some fresh air into the genre, i just hope that they really bring some fresh air not just different Heros without being anywhere else different.

    • regardless, i’m always interested in how every moba creates and structures their characters based on each theme…:D

  6. WHy not? Why does everyone get so offended when a moba comes out? but doesnt give a crap when the 1000000000000000000th WoW mmo clone appears. its the same thing.

    • not all mmorpg’s are wow clones first off second there is alot more to do in mmorpg’s compared to a game where every game is the same damn thing jsut with diff champions

      • Stop talking. You have no idea what you’re saying. Exp: Smite, different in about EVERYWAY then lets say… DotA. Is it better? Thats up to you. Don’t act like MOBAs are the same its a genre like all indie musics the same? All pizzas are the same? All shoes are the same? They go on your feet… but are different.


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