Faeria, the free-to-play CCG -slash- board game battler from ABRAKAM SA hit a new milestone today with the launch of its first major expansion — Pouch: Oversky. In addition to introducing 33 new cards, the expansion opens up the Oversky, a new area consisting of five sky-islands with new missions and challenges including the Emperor’s Daily challenges.

Overksky and the islands located in it is accessible via the Adventure Menu. Once you click on “Adventure”, you’ll see options for “Missions”, “World Bosses”, and “Oversky”. Click Oversky and you’ll be shown a set of islands to choose from.

The Daily challenges are available via the Adventure Pouch, a special item/event that offers a new co-op Emperor’s Challenge every day. The Pouch item levels up based on the activities players participate in and offers special rewards as a result. These include cosmetics such as the Emperor’s Cosmetic Set, gold, gems, and chests. The Pouch will remain open for a limited time, rewarding players daily through October 9.

Chief among the new features arriving in this expansion is the full-on co-op content, in the form of new islands. This content isn’t the same as what players will initially be playing in the Emperor’s challenge, but will be long-lasting content. These will be rolled out weekly along with new cards and can be played with two players or a single player and AI. The islands and their associated cards will be released every Tuesday beginning with the first and second islands and 10 cards. The first island is free. The other three islands will hit weekly with the fifth and final island arriving on September 5.

The co-op itself consists of an adjusted board. Rather than facing the opponent from directly across the board, the players will each take one side of the bottom of the board. Note that there will only be one opponent, so the board is basically divided into thirds. Beyond the addition of a new player, gameplay functions pretty much as normal. Each player (or AI) will take turns as normal, laying out land and creatures, etc. However, while the players are working together, they will be responsible for their own lands. The lands will differ in color, and you will not be able to summon your units on their land.

While the addition of new cards and similar features are pretty on the nose for what you’d find in a CCG-style game, the co-op adds a interesting tweak on the game’s core mechanics — without overcomplicating things for the players. It’s certainly worth checking out.

Pouch: Oversky is available for purchase now via the game’s store in two different pack options ranging from pretty basic to ALL THE THINGS. The more basic option will run you 6,500 gems (a bit under $20). The goody-filled Supporter Pouch, on the other hand, will run you 10,750 gems (approximately $30) and will give players access to the co-op missions, Adventure Pouch, Daily Challenge, a free mythic chest, and the Adventurer’s cosmetic set.

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