Fans of the hit anime Fairy’s Tail will soon get a chance to adventure in Earth-Land themselves, when GameSamba’s Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey hits browsers later this year.

According to the press release announcing the game, Hero’s Journey “will feature a new side story in the ‘Fairy Tail’ world, and allow players to collect and build teams of their favorite ‘Fairy Tail’ wizards.”

There’s not much more that’s been revealed about the game yet, though you can keep an eye on the official website and Facebook page as more info gets posted. You can also sign up to be a beta tester on the website.

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  1. Apparently according to gamesamba, Fairy Tail shows up under their Mobile RPG listing. So, it’s not going to be a broswer game, but a mobile game.

  2. If they are smart enough they should use a 3-d engine where you start off as a child and then choose a master to follow and once you hit level 18 you are freed from your master and then join a guild and that guild has their own instance. And if you guys are afraid of gold spam plaguing the server….Just make it where only gold spammer are attack-able and make a quest as in if you target and slain 50 gold spammer you are awarded in rep and a title Slayer of Gold spammer. Oh and if you are dead you cannot chat in global, trade or private but can chat in guild. And if you are found guilty of being a gold spammer instead of account bound just restrict chat to only guild and place them in a guild call Prison spam. So that you don’t have to lock the account nor do you have to lock down the script bot but rather waste the spammer time with no result.

    TBH account ban has never done anyone any good since its like oh well new email new account repeat process.

    • YES I kinda agree with mostly everything you said. But you know these big name anime shows gotta milk their names in the advertisement and make the real gameplay look horrible 🙁

    • Sounds nice in theory but lots of problems come up. How does the system make it so that only gold spammers are attack-able? Do they go by what players say, like players can report the player for being a gold-spammer and then they become attack-able? That sort of system can easily be abused. So death means no communication with global, trade or private? Lots of issues can come up with that sort of restriction. Why is only guild chat available when dead? Exactly what can make you guilty of being a gold spammer? Why would they stay on that account if they really were a gold spammer, moment they get caught they will make a new account.

      Few more issues pop up to mind but I think you get the idea. It sounds nice on paper but in reality it won;t work. Ah but the idea of where you start off as a child and you have to choose a master sounds really good.

  3. Probably gonna be like those huge anime games where they milk the name and make it look good in the advertisement but make the actual gameplay look horrible like SAO’s Legend or Naruto online and the others I haven’t mentioned.

  4. probably one of those games like Naruto online or One Piece online where they milk the name for what its worth and it really has no motivation for anyone to play it

    better invest into a PC-exclusive single player RPG, not like those Dinasty Warriors/Street Fighter clones that Naruto and One Piece have for their PC games

    • So true I tried naruto online and it wasn’t worth playing as a multiplayer since they were charging people irl currency to use the chat in the NA servers. Idk about the other countries since I never tried them and I never heard of one piece online. And since you didn’t mention SAO’s legends I’ll mention it here they also milked that anime for it’s name and made the gameplay horrible and you can’t even chat till your level 40.

      • no they don’t they did that so ppl can’t spam the chat but you can get those trumpet in the dungeon without paying scrap you can get in the top ten if you know what you doing without paying a single cent you can also beat paying players the game is a pay to get ahead but not p2w you can everything the paying players pay for

      • Still pay 2 win in my opinion. I don’t wanna pay or earn stupid currency or items just to use the chat. I wanna be able to use the chat anytime I wanna use it. I mean I know the game has rules and I’ll agree to follow them but I wanna use the chat at my own free will not when the I have enough currency to use the chat otherwise it’s not worth playing in my opinion.

        • Guess you still don’t understand. It’s not that you need to pay to chat. It’s just that as way to avoid spam they make it so that World Chat needs an item so that you can talk in it. The item is given out like candy so really, you wouldn’t run out unless you like to talk in world chat a lot. The other chats are still free with out needing an item.

          I agree with what they did as it has lead to less spam in world chat. I don;t wanna see the same shit on world chat being spammed so I like this approach.

        • yeah yeah I understand it all but I don’t think needing an item to use talk is even necessary. I mean I love to talk in world chat and normal chat but needing an item to use the chat is stupid in my opinion.

          • Also yeah I get it’s a way to prevent spam but I disagree with the way they are trying to prevent spam by making it require an item just to use world chat with this approach.

          • Then what way should have been done if you don’t mind sharing. I just can’t seem to grasp why you don’t agree with the system. Nothing stops you from talking in world chat, all that’s there is a prevention system to stop spam from happening in the first place. I just can’t seem to understand your distaste with the approach and would love to hear what sort of system you would have loved to be put in.

          • ahh and if i sound snarky or rude sorry, I’m just really curious as to what sort of system you would have preferred in world chat.

          • I have no idea at the moment but my distaste for this system when it’s used in any game is they can charge irl money for it or reward you the chat item to access the chat. I don’t think you should have to work just to use the chat I think the chat should be easy to access if your using the MMO or MMORPG but I’ve seen this system in more games besides naruto online and it was distasteful for as I wasn’t able to talk to other people when I ran into issues or needed help or wanted to talk to people or wanted to make some friends ingame.

          • So what you don’t like is the fact that the item used for World Chat is buyable? Despite it being given out for free like candy making it so that you don’t need to buy it at all? No real work involved, just log in and oh look more of the world chat item. The World Chat can be seen by anyone and the only restriction is that if you wish to talk in it you have to have the item to use.

            I just don’t see where your distaste comes from because there is no annoyance at all. Whether the system was placed there or not makes no real difference. The only thing different is that there is no spam due to the system in place.

          • Yup even though it’s given out for free or for sale I really dislike this system I don’t think you gotta use an item just to use the chat system but that’s just my opinion I think you should be allowed to freely use the chat system as long as your following the games rules. Limiting the chat to having a item required just to use it if it’s free through questing/rewards or by buying it is very stupid and distasteful to me and I get turned off from those types of games.

          • Welp guess you never will like this system then. I for one appreciate it for trying to to stop spam and having it work. Of course I would love if there were chat rules to be followed but lets be honest, those rules are always broken. English in world chat only? Oh look its 5+ different languages on World Chat. No spam? Look at all the spam. I guess I’m just sick and tired of seeing the rules get broken and am glad that there is a system in place to stop them from being broken as best as possible. Anyways it was interesting to hear your opinion on the chat system put in place, glad we could have a peaceful chat about this. ^^

      • Naruto Online and One Piece Online are only worth for single player – start the game, follow the quest/story, see what it is, reach the end, don’t engage into PvP or anything with other players. That’s it.

        It won’t feel P2W and you can still say you’ve played the game from start to finish… although even if you do that, the games are still a waste of time, better play something with a desktop client and more depth instead.

        • From my short time of playing naruto online even I have to agree with you on that. I needed help and I had to exit out of the game just to goto the search because I wasn’t able to use the chat since they limited it by making it require an item so it is another reason why I hate this type of system.

          • plz stop being ignorant many many many mmo’s use a system that involves using premium items to use world chat its not just naruto

          • I’m not being ignorant. And yes I know that and not many MMOs use that system. Just the stupid paid 2 win browser MMOs do and some downloadable MMOs do.

  5. By reading this – According to the press release announcing the game, Hero’s Journey “will feature a new side story in the ‘Fairy Tail’ world, and allow players to collect and build teams of their favorite ‘Fairy Tail’ wizards.” – first thing came in my mind Naruto Online, pardon my language, shitty browers pay to win game.

    • Agreed. It’s why I don’t play browser games anymore. I mean I know some downloadable games are paid 2 win to but browser games make it clear they are paid 2 win like over 90% of them do.


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