UTV Ignition Games announced today that the upcoming multiplayer RPG Faxion Online is an excellent way to spend this Saturday, May 21 while waiting to see if you’ll be taken or left behind during The Rapture. For anyone still around on Sunday morning, the game will provide entertainment during the End Times while also helping you make critical decisions about your fate after the Final Judgment.

Faxion Online will officially launch on May 26th, though both the unfettered and the unrepentant can go play the open beta version now at www.FaxionOnline.com. In this combat-driven game, players choose between blessings and brimstone in a hardcore struggle between good and evil liberally ladled with humor and wit. The full game, featuring all-new content, will be available (also for free) beginning May 26th.

Faxion Online delivers aggressive and robust PvP game play allowing players to begin their quest for dominance in war-torn Limbo, and battle through diverse locations corrupted by the Seven Deadly Sins. Featuring a territory control system that allows the opposing factions to fight for the fate of the mortal worlds and with a unique multi-classing system, players have the freedom to play the way they want with achievement and glory through adventure and combat.


  1. just wanted to mention, this game is VERY slow paced.. not my kind of cookie..

    cant wait for the for the action rpgmmo era to come !. dragon nest, vindictus eu, blade and soul, and c9 etc.


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