Outspark opened beta for Fiesta Social, the realtime 3D Facebook MMORPG with true synchronous multiplayer, great 3D graphics, and lively in-game social events. With nearly 10 million registered users and close to 600,000 Facebook fans, the arrival of this wildly popular free-to-play anime MMORPG on Facebook is a gamechanger for the fans.

“By bringing Fiesta into the realm of Facebook where many of our fans live, players can now make friends, flirt, and have epic adventures together without ever leaving Facebook. With Fiesta Social, when you meet someone in-game, you’re hanging out with them realtime, laughing at their jokes and saving them in battle. It’s a highly addictive, soul-satisfying bonding you just can’t get from the current 2D turn-based social games,” explained Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “Many thanks go out to our incredible partners OnsOn Soft and SpawnApps who have worked tirelessly with us to bring this rich social experience to Fiesta fans.”

Play Fiesta Social at http://apps.facebook.com/fiestasocial and get a free dance and free mount when you redeem code OTTERGONBEAT here.


  1. He’s First lol, nuff said (in his opinion probably^^).
    But do we really need another facebook game…?!
    No, but nice move on making more profit with all the casuals over there.


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