Fight The Mechanoids In Skyforge, Get Your New Season Pass On

Protect the mortals of Aelion in exchange for rewards.

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Skyforge Mechanoid Season Pass

The Mechanoids have come to conquer Aelion in Skyforge’s latest seasonal content. As of today, the game’s latest Season is available for players on PC and consoles. During the Season, players can earn points by completing challenges. These can be used to progress through 20 levels and earn special rewards, including limited-time items.

The challenges are divided into categories based on difficulty level. It starts out with Easy, Normal, and Hard, with more to be added as time goes on. Players need to keep in mind that more points are earned if each challenge is completed early on and keep an eye out for the other categories.

In addition to the challenges, players will also be tasked with taking on a powerful enemy boss known as the Avatar. It’s apparently the most powerful boss in the game and will require a group of five players to defeat it.

As with most seasonal content, this comes with a season pass, the Invasion pass. It consists of a free version, with players getting items at every odd level. For those that want content from the even levels, a premium pass must be bought.

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