Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Keynote Reveals Details On 7.0 Dawntrail, Graphics Updates, And XIV Coming To Xbox

Also, upgrades to dyes and a furnishing limit increase.

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Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Today was the first day of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas, and Yoshi-P kicked things off with the keynote address and the trailer for the MMORPG's 7.0 Dawntrail Expansion. Dawntrail sends players to the “New World” – otherwise known as Tural – where they’ve been invited to help with a rite of succession.

Yoshi-P spent a good bit of time discussing Dawntrail – while managing to avoid offering all the details. We do know that when we go to Tural, some of our friends will become our rivals, but maybe it won’t be too bad because this expansion is intended to be a bit of a summer vacation for the Warriors of Light. After all, we have saved everything.

The devs intend for this to be an experience “worthy of a full RPG package title”. It will include several new cities – including the city hub Tuliyollal. This place is more diverse than anywhere we’ve been. During the stream, Yoshi-P shared screenshots of the new region – no video, as it’s not ready yet – and highlighted the graphical improvements. He also introduced one of the new Tribes, the Pelupelu, a tribe known for their skills as salespeople and their hot beverages.

XIV Dawntrail 1

As expected, 7.0 will increase the level cap to 100 across all jobs and introduce new skills. There will be two new job additions: one melee DPS and one ranged magical DPS. Apparently one of them in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Inspired/related (Green Mage?).

Players can expect more of the typical content: fates, hunts, treasure hunts, dungeons (that they couldn’t show), new bosses, alliance raids, 8-man raids, ultimates, and new variants. PvP will be getting love with Crystalline Conflict, Frontline, and Rival Wings, all getting updates. Frontline will even get new maps.

Blue Mage fans can look forward to more content. Hildebrand will be returning. We may get new deep dungeon content – although they’re considering other things too. And, there’ll be new Gold Saucer stuff. No. It is not Blitzball.

XIV Dawntrail 2

Speaking of the Gold Saucer, there is a special crossover coming during the 6.5 content – with Fall Guys. Final Fantasy XIV will make the hop into Fall Guys with the Warrior of Light Fame Pass on August 22. This means the little beans can dress up as Estinien or a Namazu… Whatever. And yes, Fall Guys will come to XIV with a new feature in the Gold Saucer. The obstacle course is designed for 24 players to participate in. It will arrive sometime later in the 6.5x updates.

As for the rest of the 7.0 reveal, it’s mostly system related, and not all of it will be available at the expansion’s launch. Among them are making it so players can use two dyes on a single piece of gear and the ability to wear eyeglasses as gear separate from headgear. This isn’t fashion accessories, but something that functions like gear without taking up armory chest space. A furnishing limit increase in housing is on the way – they didn’t specify if that’s inside, outside, or both. And a raid strategy board for players to be able to collaborate in-game is being added.

Finally – and I do mean FINALLY. Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer joined Yoshi-P on stage to announce that the game will be coming to Series X|S in the Spring of 2024 – just in time for everyone to get on before the 7.0 launch. Even better, Square Enix’s CEO joined them both on stage and stated his intent to work with Microsoft to make other Square Enix games available on the platform.

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