Final Fantasy XIV Fan Names Asteroid After Naoki Yoshida...No, Like A REAL One!

Let's just hope it doesn't collide with earth.

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FF Naoki Yoshida

As fans and players, we often wish we could show our thanks for the games that have impacted our lives and the people who created them. Well, for one Reddit user, they did just that as they paid homage to Final Fantasy XIV Producer, Naoki Yoshida, by naming an asteroid after him. Let’s just hope that no dragons are sleeping inside this asteroid. Even though it is now 2022, the asteroid was first discovered during a survey back in 2006. The brand new name even appears in NASA’s official database.

This news, as reported by Twinfinite, has received so much attention that even Japanese national TV reported on the subject before showing Yoshida’s reaction, who responded by saying that he hopes asteroid Yoshidanaoki won’t enter a collision orbit with Earth, as he would not want to become the enemy of all living things on the planet.

Naoki Yoshida has mentioned before how much FFXIV has meant to him. In an interview he mentioned: “It was more than the story that made me emotional, it was also the fact that players live within this world (FFXIV) and have everyday experiences.” Just as Yoshida holds a special place in his heart for FFXIV and its player base, the gamers hold him in the same regard.

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