While they still won’t offer a date, it’s becoming obvious that the end of Open Beta for Motiga’s Gigantic is on the horizon. Today, the developer revealed that the last minor update before the end of the beta period has been released.

In the post, Motiga notes that pushing this update won’t stop additional polishing and tweaks. In fact, they plan on using the final months until launch focusing on development, spiffying up the art, programming, and more.

One thing the team has already been working on that they wanted to highlight is refining the game’s mechanics to make learning the game easier for new players without removing the depth. This includes tweaking respawn timers to make teammate deaths less problematic for the team as a whole. Guardians have been refined to be an imposing presence on the battlefield. Finally, summons are being reworked to eliminate accidental summons and also give the summon a better change against the opposing side.

Hero balance is also addressed in the post, particularly for Tripp. A full rundown on these changes are available on the Arc Games site.

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