When Warframe‘s next update hits, it will focus primarily on two things, Corpus Proxima and The Railjack update. Digital Extremes has been hard at work revamping most everything in the Railjack system, focusing on making it blend with the rest of Warframe’s gameplay. To prepare players for the upcoming changes, the Warframe team posted the longest Dev Workshop in the history of the game. It covers a LOT — everything from changes to login, to missions, and how they plan to keep players interested in the Railjack system.

The changes will reduce grind and make the system more accessible to players in general. It does away with Avionics (sort of) and replaces them with Railjack specific mods. Avionics are now part of the “PLEXUS” which players carry into every Railjack mission. It’s also important to note that mods will be tied to individual players.

When the update hits, players will also find that the physical structure of the Railjack has changed. Things addressed include moving the Railjack turrets to make turning more logical, doing away with the cargo hold and other areas at the back and compressing them into a smaller space, and making the Railjack feel lighter overall. The base speed of Railjacks have been increased as well, and the sprint bar has been done away with.

Of course, these are just some of the highlights from the Dev Workshop. Like we said, it’s long, and there are plenty of stats, tables, and the like to look at. There’s also a handy 20-ish minute video, for those of you who prefer to get your information that way.

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