World of Tanks players are no strangers to fires and explosions — at least inside the game. When they happen outside the game, that’s a cause for concern, as some people found out this weekend.

At this past weekend’s Tankfest at the Tank Museum in Dorset, UK — a show put on by Wargaming — streamer Will “QuickyBaby” Frampton was going about his business in front of about 7,000 viewers when he informed his audience that he had to “leave this building” because “there’s a fire.” You can see other people evacuating behind him in the video below:

According to one attendee of the show via Discord, there was also an explosion that accompanied the fire.

There’s been no word from Wargaming as to the cause of the fire or explosion, though since Frampton resumed his stream after a short break, one assumes it wasn’t a serious catastrophe. We’re just curious as to whether they put out the flames with a World of Tanks-branded fire extinguisher.

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