Red 5 has released a new Firefall Dev Diary. Lead Class Designer, Dave Williams, sits down with us to discuss balancing the five different Firefall battleframes, the challenges of balancing for PvE and PvP, and what’s left for the future of battleframe design.


    • So for u, a decent gameplay is get a high lv char and go killing low grade or new people and go thinking u are badass? tsc tsc…

      • Listen up asshole, the whole point of PvP is “my class is more OP than yours, so I’ll grief you until the flavor of the week changes.” It’s a sick, twisted world where ego and griefing become the entire idea of gameplay. In PvE people can work together and enjoy what any game should be about: having fun. But, if class balance is going to be focused on PvP, it’s just going to be a flavor of the week spam where the forum whines constantly about one class or another being OP or needing a nerf. Things will boil down to “X class is the only way to play because of YZ reason” whereas if there was a PvE focus, each class would have a purpose. This happened with DFO, DAoC, WoW, Rusty Hearts, Rappelz, and hell, even Maplestory. All of them focused their class balance on PvP, and half their classes/skills are now worthless in PvE. Don’t believe me? Try tanking as a Warrior in WoW, you’ll get replaced by a Pally every single time, or play a Blademaster in DFO, or a Hero in DAoC.

        • Pff, trying to compare highly stat based games with this one? The classes diferences in this game are more like diferent combat styles, but everything else is ur ability, so with a balance u can enjoy fighting other players using most of ur technic to beat em, with no lv advantages. This will make the game more enjoyable, not only for those who like PVE, but for the ones that like to try PVP without getting banged by an overlevelend addicted player that dont have technic at all but have high lvl and equips.

        • the point of balanced pvp is to beat the other person with skill, not because you are playing an op character that will always rape everyone no matter what. that takes the challenge and fun out of pvp and replaces it with pompous assholes that think they are so good when in reality anyone that bitches about balanced pvp is an unskilled gamer and they are the ones that ragequite games because they suck so bad. Now i dont know anything about this game and how nerfs would apply to an fps with rpg elements. but i play league of legends and nerfs happen weekly and there are well over 60 champs with new ones being added all the time and you can play just about every champ and and not worry about being underpowered and getting raped. and thats how every game should be. to be able to play how you want and whatever class you want and still stand a chance against everyone else. its like if 2 ppl chose the same class and the same everything and then 1v1. the most skilled player would win. thats how it should be if 2 people chose completely different. the most skilled player should win. Now as far as pve goes. this game has what? like 5 or 6 classes. well theres normally 5 roles in each group so each class will have a specific role. WOW and DFO and DAoC all have like 10+ classes with only 5-6 different roles to fill so obviously there are going to be classes better suited for a certain role. and in wow there are 3 different talent trees for each class that comepletely change the way you play them. obviously a holy paladin isnt going to tank but a protection paladin will.

        • If you want to compare this game to an other game, compare it with one with a similar gameplay, like Battlefield Heroes, witch is not my favorite game. That game is an example of not balanced class everyone take the Gunner because he can beat the other classes like nothing and he’s a tank. It take 2 or 3 shot in the head with the sniper to kill him. My point is VIVA balance PVP.

    • You are comparing full-fledged MMORPG’s with this game which is a mistake. It’s like comparing classes in TF2 with classes in WoW, which is utter nonsense.


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