Red 5 Studios has released a fun little image to add a bit of mystery to player’s lives. Showing a group of frames standing against a shadowy foe, the image included what looks to be a countdown timer and the phrase “Initializing Operation.” No other details have been released.

So what’s it mean? Sure, I’ll take a guess, feel free to do the same in the comments below!

I think the image teases the upcoming “Operation Miru.” This 5 man, level 40 content is designed for group play and unlike other in game events will not scale down if you bring fewer people. This operation has been tested on the test servers for some time now and is set to be included in the game’s next major patch. Although no release date has been given yet for Patch 1.2. Most interestingly, Operation Miru has a unique looting system that Red 5 says guarantees that players won’t be fighting over loot.

Patch 1.2 will also add a new Open World Chosen battle in Coral Forest, a twist on the (currently repetitive) Watchtower Warfare event, some open world PvP changes to the Broken Peninsula, and a new Live Event.

Do you agree or does the image tease something else entirely? Check out the Patch 1.2 Update preview here.

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  1. Firefall has had an identity crisis for a long while. They need to get their shit in gear and decision on a direction to take this game. Be not the Ouroboros.

  2. Game landscape is built in such a way so that players would choose frame cores which give fast run speed or high jet energy to overcome its obstacles. Leveling frames is fun and game lacks good endgame design so that people have more things to do with its max level frames. Hope new 1.2 patch brings much needed content additions.

  3. Played Firefall for a long time ( probably about 278 hours, veteran player – pre alpha, alpha, closed beta, open beta, etc. ) its really addicting, but I don’t really like them that much now. Why? Well mainly because they cant handle their events properly, like the chosen event thing, when it started almost everyone on my shard crashed and this has happened on all the days ( day 1 – 3 ) Also it is really hard to level up, mainly because they got rid of that one mod that allows you to jump shards and go to high xp open world events. BUT there are some good things about Firefall, one is that they have great community service and for people saying that they don’t check the steam version forms they do check them. Also don’t listen to people that say the loot pools are messed up because they aren’t , you find lots of purples in Devils Tusk and that they are fixing pvp area ( forgot what it is called, haven’t played for 2 months ) but this game is good. Also another thing is that they are trying to get rid of gold farmers, which is actually working I looked at the forms and people say that there are less people. All in all I would say that you should play this game but only in short 1 – 3 hour bursts, this is not a game you could play literally all day, at least for me. 8/10 NOTE: last time I played this game was 2 months ago, they have gotten loads of updates, so all this is from 2 months ago, some thing could of gotten better or worse.

  4. FireFall had a great and talented group of folks working it it from day one, sadly it has never had a clear and defined direction (despite what some will say) thus a lot of the work has been wasted or re-done time and time again. Which explains why they have had such a high turn over as far as employees go.


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