Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are ready to start (semi) public testing on Torchlight Frontiers. Announced today, the game’s first closed alpha test will take place Friday, November 16.

As with all closed testing periods, this one will only be available to a small group of players. This will be a technical test and the developers are looking for people willing to report bugs and provide feedback while they try to break things.

It also goes without saying that since this is still early testing, the devs don’t want players sharing what they see. So, no screenshots, video, or livestreaming.

Invitations should be rolling out to those who will be participating in the alpha soon. Remember, you’ll need to have signed up on the Torchlight site in order to be eligible for an invite. Don’t worry, if you have’t signed up already, you still can. You can also watch Torchlight livestream for a chance to win an alpha key.


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