first assault

Nexon and Neople’s free-to-play Ghost in the Shell MMO is making the jump from Early Access to Open Beta next Thursday. Beginning July 28 First Assault the game will open to a wider audience with a special event titled “Major Reflection”.

The in-game event is part of an extended free weekend promotion in which players can compete for a chance to win special skins and other rewards.

More information on the event and beta signups can be found on the game’s site.

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  1. I’ve been playing it for about month and half, have almost 300 hours in it according to steam. It’s very good game, I haven’t enjoyed a F2P shooter so much since AVA (before it got ruined by Aeria).

    And the patch for open beta is going to be pretty big, adding good amount of new content (new operative, skins, weapons, map, mode, redesigned chip system), some important bug fixes, game optimization and netcode improvements (which will hopefully improve the hit registration).

    Everyone who’s into FPS games should give this one a try, especially once the open beta patch gets released.

    • I am excited for this one.

      Did you hear, AVA is gettin gpulled from Aeria and republished under new company. (If you have Aeria account, it can be transfered…your stats any ways).

      Planet Side 2 is my fav FPS at the moment.

      • I had no idea. I just googled and read that developer is the one who ended the partnership and decided to switch publisher. I guess developers got sick and tired of Aeria ruining their game.
        Unfortunately I dislike Aeria so much I didn’t transfer my ijji character to their servers so I wouldn’t be able to now transfer it to the new publisher and I don’t want to start all over (I was high rank with a LOT of weapons, played the game for years).

      • It’s Online FPS, not MMOFPS.

        Planetside 2 can be a MMOFPS, but First Assault is an MMOFPS as much as CS:GO or Overwatch are.

          • The definiton of MMO from wikipedia: “A massively multiplayer online game is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously in the same instance (or world)”
            You definitely don’t have large amount of players in every match in GITS, CSGO, Overwatch, etc. Therefore it cannot be MMO, it’s just online FPS.

    • The term “MMO” has been overused to the point of losing all meaning. Every online game is an “MMO” these days.

  2. I really hate the inaccuracy of guns in this game. There’s no representation of your gun recoiling or swaying while ADS in accordance to the randomness of your bullet pattern. So basically half your bullets miss your target even if your site is dead on. I do not know if this issue has been addressed would have to check.

    On a side note its good to hear they are adding permanent chips. Before, they only lasted like 2-3 rounds which was quite annoying and led most people to just not even bother.

    • ya but everyone with the exception of one character are full body cyborgs.. Meaning their bodies are nothing but machines including their brains. So why would their be any sway or recoil ? When one of these guys can punch a hole in a concrete wall the size of a persons head.

    • The accuracy of guns isn’t the best, but it’s not as bad as you say, if you play a lot and want to become better at the game and like the game in general, you will get better and enjoy it more.

      On the scale of 1-10. I boldly put myself at 6-7, maybe even 7-8. There are more people I can easily destroy than people that can destroy me, although there are about 10 people I’ve met that are so much better than me.


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