The newest expansion for Gwent is now live — or rather, the first of three parts of the expansion is live. Price of Power is the expansion that will arrive in three parts, and the first part, Once Upon A Pyre, launched today. It contains 26 new cards that can be acquired in game through the usual means (kegs, crafting), or you can purchase various bundles to get premium versions of them and other bonuses.

The set consists of four cards from each of the game’s six factions, as well as two neutral cards. Each faction set can be “premified” for $4.99, or you can get the entire set premified for $24.99. That offer also includes six avatars and a Once Upon A Pyre game board.

Alternatively, you can get the cards from all three Price of Power sets premified, along with 18 avatars, the game board, an exclusive coin, and — when available — an Expansion Two card back, and Expansion Three Leader Skin by purchasing the Expansion Pass for $59.99.

The other two Price of Power sets will come out in August and October. For more on the sets, and their various purchasing options, check out the Gwent site.

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