You’ve heard of BAMs… well, now let us introduce you to their slightly more chill cousin, the BAF (or Big-Ass Fish).

TERA‘s December 11th update, titled “BAF Masters” is finally bringing fishing to the action MMO. Players who have hit level 65 can now sit back and enjoy the serene sport of fishing.

Okay, well maybe not all that serene. This is an MMO after all.

At level 65, players will be offered a new questline that teaches them how to catch, prepare, and cook fish — including an “elusive Big-Ass Fish”. Of course, catching the BAF won’t be easy. Players will need to have the right equipment and put in the time honing their skills.

The good news is fishing can earn players some serious rewards.

Of course, this update isn’t just about fishing. It also includes gathering and crafting updates, and — this being December and all — the return of Wintera.

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