FNaF World

Following some nasty criticism, horror-game-RPG-spinoff Five Nights At Freddy’s World was yanked off Steam by its creator — with refunds given to all buyers — and when it returns, it won’t cost anyone a dime.

The decision to pull the game was solely that of creator Scott Cawthorn, and not a mandate from Valve. In an apologetic statement posted on the FNaF 4 Steam discussion forum, Cawthorn states:

Even though the game had a “Very Positive” rating with 87%, I was not satisfied with the reviews and ratings it was getting… I’m still going to work on FNaF World and polish it up. I’m busy creating a fully 3D overworld for the game. When I’m ready to update the game, I will replace the demo currently on GameJolt with the full game. From this point forward, the game will always be free.

Cawthorn launched FNaF World a month earlier than was expected, so it looks like it needed the extra time. Will you check it out when it comes back?


  1. Hell yeah I’m going to get it! Poor Scott. 🙁 People just got to hate on stuff I guess. At least Its getting improvements and a 3D map. Hang in there Scott.


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