Looking for that slight edge when battling on the high seas in Wargaming.net’s World of Warships? Well flags and camouflage might just be that last push over the top to send you to victory and if you haven’t really understood how they’re both used in the free to play game, then today’s Dev Diary should shed some light on the situation.

Signal flags have a long and storied history which I won’t get into here, but what do they do in game? Clearly you won’t be using them to actually signal another ship, right? Well, yes and no. You won’t be sending coded messages to other ships using flags but you will be giving them information. You see, signal flags are gained in game through various (even sometimes backwards seeming) achievements. For example, maybe your ship burns to a crisp in a fire. You might earn a signal flag for the next battle that shows other players that your ship can put out fires faster this round. Other signal flags offer their own single use buffs as well.

Camouflage may not serve a HUGE purpose in World of Warships just yet, but look for this feature to probably evolve over time. While, yes, the camouflage can make it harder to hit your ship in some circumstances, really the primary function of camouflage in game is to look awesome and to look customized by nation, although it can give you slight buffs of various types. Camouflage is also a single use item.

How’s it going with your World of Warships experience? Let us know below!

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