Cryptic Studios continues to push Star Trek Online’s deep space exploration forward with the announcement of the MMO’s 9th season. Set to be released in late April, roughly 6 months after Season Eight: The Sphere, Season 9: The New Accord will continue the Undine storyline -a super-intelligent race whose ships are made of organic material- and bring with it updated Undine visuals, a new space battlezone and new PvE content to queue with other commanders for.

According to a blog post by Stephen D’Angelo STO’s Executive Producer, A New Accord will not just be focused on the future. D’Angelo says the update will contain numerous improvements “including a re-envisioning of Kit items and other valuable improvements”.

One of the largest improvements revolves around the remodeling of the Earth Spacedock, the main hub for Federation players. D’Angelo says he always felt the ESD was “confining and frankly not a very fun place to visit”. While not complete, the remodel is supposedly “stunning” and should make for a much more welcoming place to handle Federation matters before embarking on a new journey across the final frontier

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  1. Hi there everybody my name is Kevin and i am coming to both share my expertise and study from the a variety of out here.

  2. First and fore most been long time recently had to quit over sexual harrasment and over fowl behavior of some the player……

    That being said pvp is lame….. Unequal pvp faction along with pvp pug’s are over runned with pemade vape squads so its not worth it. All u see in pvp is romulan….. The klingon faction is dead most of the time………..

    Second the rp isn’t that bad when the fleets don’t align agianst then fallow u around for days harrasing you……..When u report nothing happens……….. u ignore they just log on to another toon and start all over……..

    This game is fun and very addictive but at the end of the day u will be so frustrated u will scream omg specially in pvp. They keep talking about esd revamp omg……. What the freak happen to the pvp revamp even blogger and reviewer’s all said pvp in sto is horrid but cryptic ignores the customer type that will spend the most pvper’s

  3. dis game is great, it has like 8 episodes right now and u dont even kno ur grinding cuz ur lvling through the storyline!

  4. A game’s exec producer says a revision looks incredible/awesome/stunning? Wow, I’m shocked.

    Though I may actually download this again and see if some of the bus from season 3/4ish are finally fixed, since it seems to take them about 5 seasons to fix something after it’s reported. Too busy working on the microtransaction purchases, I guess… espec back in the subscription days.

    • Yes, I think so.

      Cryptic’s character creator is top notch. And they have a very good hybrid F2P/sub model, where one doesn’t have to spend real money. Just follow the Dilithium guide.


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