Epic Games just finished up its second week of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish tournaments (there are 8 weeks in all) and of course there’s already some drama. On Friday, a player by the name of IDropz_Bodies walked away with the top slot and $130,000 after racking up 129 eliminations. It didn’t take people long to accuse him of cheating in order to do so.

As it turns out, IDropz_Bodies didn’t stream his sessions live, instead uploading them later. Because of this, and well, a slew of other things they found suspicious, fans decided a call-out and demands for investigation were warranted. One of the points of contention is that players suspected he used a mouse and keyboard while playing on a PS4.

As it turns out, Epic did investigate. Let’s just say that anyone looking to get IDropz_Bodies’ win overturned is in for disappointment. Not only did Epic not find any signs of actual cheating, but some of the things he was accused of aren’t against any rules in the first place. For instance: no one is required to stream their gameplay live because not everyone has that capability. As for the input issue, no rules exist stopping people from using a mouse or keyboard on the PS4, as they want to make the game as accessible to everyone as possible.

For those of you interested in the rules and requirements for tournament play, Epic’s response on Reddit should be a pretty informative read. And hopefully, there will be less confusion in the future.

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    • Not really. The ability to use it is there, but people choose not to and stick with the controller.
      Besides, I’ve played games with a controller, that are typically M&KB, and have beaten everybody. War Thunder, Crossout, Defiance, The Division. It’s not hard to be good, if not amazing, with a controller.

    • I mean if it’s in the rules by Epic that he can use a keyboard and mouse, Then nothing wrong there in my opinion. They could have also used a K+M. Not live streaming, was also not against the rules. Money can make people really irrational, especially if it’s money they lost out on.

    • Then buy a keyboard and mouse to lol. If i was ever to return to console games you can bet I’d be using keyboard & mouse on my shooters to. I moved to pc back in ’03, one of the reasons was to use mouse and keyboard for shooters. Consoles back then didn’t support mouse and keyboard for gaming. Can’t blame the user for taking advantage of advancement in technology. Doing so would be like saying It’s wrong for PC gamers to use XBOX 360 controllers on w/e game and having a advantage over someone on keyboard and & mouse in a racing games or space sim not once have i ever heard this BS. All this is typical jealous QQ internet babies……. They say to self I didn’t think of doing that, so lets cry about the guy that did and won lol…… That’s all it is……. Winner was a tactician the losers was not…… Plain and simple. I Support Epic’s support of the winner. I don’t even play fortnite for obvious reasons…… To many QQ babies who’d wanna play that lol…..


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