Raiders of the Broken Planet Rebranded As Free-to-Play Spacelords

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Spanish developer MercurySteam didn't achieve the success it was hoping for with its episodic asymmetrical shooter/brawler Raiders of the Broken Planet, so it's taking the game free-to-play and using that opportunity to give it a new name.

In an press release posted today to the game's Steam page, MercurySteam -- no, that isn't confusing at all -- said that Raiders attempt at episodic content with a $9.99 price tag "didn't work as we had planned." Whereas RotLP focused on just one faction, the Raiders, Spacelords seeks to have players identify with all factions on the Broken Planet, in the attempt to secure Aleph, "a substance everybody wants."

If you've already purchased Raiders of the Lost Planet, you'll receive "exclusive, top-quality game content that won’t be available to anyone else." Other aspects of the F2P transition, which is scheduled to happen on Aug. 23, have yet to be announced.

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Discussion (4)

kalatraba 5 years ago
I want to like this game. It is a difficult co-op game that seems interested as long as more players join up. The visuals are interesting, the concept is promising but I believe that with a good free to play model and advertising could have a bright future...

Guza 5 years ago
I still dont understand what this game is all about.

Curst 5 years ago
I remember how when it just came out I didn't even want to try the free version because the game didn't look like it would accumulate a large enough playerbase to be sustainable. I wonder how many potential customers refused to buy it just because others might not do the same. The influx of low quality, perpetual early access games and blatant cash grabs may have changed everyone's gaming and buying habits forever.
I do hope that they will find success after the switch to F2P, though.

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