In case the browser version isn’t good enough — or maybe you just really enjoy using the Microsoft store (We’re not judging…) — InnoGames announced its strategy game Forge of Empires is available on the platform. One of the benefits of this is that people who for some reason may not have previously been able to access the game may now have a way to do so.

To celebrate the new partnership, Microsoft will be featuring the game prominently on the store, as well as in-game seasonal events. Unfortunately, neither the press release or the Microsoft store page state whether or not gameplay from the browser version will carry over. So, if you already play that way, you may want to stick with it.

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  1. One of the main problems the Microsoft Store needs to addresss is all those games that basically feel they can ask for the rights to you and on a PC that’s a no no.
    The PC is not a Mobile sucker.
    The other annoying thing is the fact they say FREE but you get pummeled with loads of ads that pop up in these so called FREE games and they are rampant within all their games in their “app” store. These can easily be HIT by kids and the like which points you always to a BUY. -this is wrong and not FREE.
    To Microsoft Store Development team, “The PC is not a mobile and we are not silly enough to except this “ÄPP” crap. Its the reason why the majority of PC users do not use Microsoft Store. Please re examine your store carefully with concern.


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