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Dark Vale Games has pulled the plug on Forge, the free-to-play PvP combat game that went free to play shortly after its December 2012 release as a buy-to-play game. In the devs’ own words, the reason for the closure is pretty simple: money.

On the Forge website, the Dark Vale team thanks players for their three years of support while also candidly admitting that “it’s expensive to keep a game live” and the game can’t keep going “without additional investment.” The statement closes out with a… well, I hate to call it “begging,” so let’s go with “crowdfunding primer”:

We’re hopeful that things turn around and we can get back to work on building out the Forge Universe. And if any of you know a Daddy Warbucks, please send him our way!

Did you ever get a chance to try out Forge? Are you sad to see it go?

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  1. It was an interesting idea, prolly a bit ahead of it’s time. It just seemed to fall a bit short from everything I saw of it.

    • I think the same. It was a good concept, but, but it always felt a bit lackluster, too rogh around the edges and too complicated for beginners.
      It’s kinda sad that, now a few years later, many of its concepts get copied by big-budget games and everyone is hyped simply because of the big names envolved.

  2. I was one of the people who brought this game. I actually liked it… not sure why I stopped playing soon after. I’m sad for them that it has to close.


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