We have a little bit of “we don’t know if this is free-to-play related or not, but it could be” news for you today. Mike Morhaime, former president and CEO of Blizzard has launched a new game company with his wife Amy. The company, named Dreamhaven, is already the parent company for two studios: Secret Door and Moonshot. It’s also made up of a number of former Blizzard employees.

According to GamesBeat, the Morhaime’s are funding the company themselves “because it’s important to control the destiny of the company in its early stages.” This makes some sense following how things seemed to go down between Blizzard and Activision when a lot of the old Blizzard staff ended up leaving.

At the moment, even with two studios, the company has less than 30 employees and Morhaime seems to intend to run things the way he did at Blizzard. As he told GamesBeat, the company wants to “create a haven for creators” that want a development friendly environment and to be able to focus on player experience rather than financial issues.” Morhaime also mentions using games as an escape from the unpleasant things in real life and notes that “there is a better way of approaching business and game creation that can work and and be sustainable and be a lot of fun and yield positive results.”

The focus of Dreamhaven is to provide the studios guidance and funding so they can do these things while allowing them to make their own decisions. Of course, we’ll eventually see how this all works out once things have moved along and whatever games they’re working on start coming out. Which, given game development, could be a long time coming.

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