Daybreak Game Company’s free-to-play battle royale game H1Z1 has a new head honcho: former Monolith Productions CEO and HDFilms president — among various other things — Jace Hall. Hall broke the news on the newly revived H1Z1 forums earlier this week, enthusiastically presenting a list of planned improvements for the PC version of the game, which just fully launched on PlayStation 4.

Any game can use positivity coming from its leadership — especially a game that’s on a downward trend like H1Z1, which now has fewer concurrent players on PC than it had before it went F2P — and Hall has that in spades:

“Generally speaking, things that the community WANTS are the things that the community WILL GET. It is not a question of “IF” we are going to deliver desired changes to the player base, it is only a question of “WHEN.” Count on it. The game is a service. A good service delivers what its customer’s want. It’s that simple.”

He does caution that “nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect, and not everyone will be totally and completely satisfied,” at least putting on the brakes a tiny bit on the hype train, before getting into a laundry list of personal beliefs about the game and how it can improve. Really, each entry starts with “I believe.” Most are the typical thoughts on how the game can be improved and general statements of high-minded positive thinking, thinking that H1Z1 can become “something like the ‘Counter Strike’ of the Battle Royale Genre.”

Then there’s this:

You see, toxic players aren’t a-holes, they’re just passionate! They love the game too much! I feel like we’ve heard that one before.

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