Ever since its inception, the developers of Wild West Online stressed that the game was not owned by Free Reign Entertainment, the company fronted by the infamous Sergey Titov. Then WWO went belly-up, changed its name to New Frontier, went free-to-play, and now Free Reign owns it. Got all that? Good.

A post on the New Frontier Facebook page last week spelled it all out, saying that WWO used Free Reign’s engine but was not developed by anyone at the company. And then,

“After the game had failed, Free Reign took over everything including the development of the game. The development team behind New Frontier is not the same team that worked on Wild West Online, hence the name change on the game.”

The Magnificent 5 battle royale mode for the game is still listed as “coming soon,” and it’s promised that “development of the game will be continuous and the game will remain free-to-play.” You can keep up with that development on the New Frontier website.


  1. The games is so half naked its not funny. do not bother.
    The best game that has stuck up devs who run Rockstar and are always leaving PC gamers out in the dark, even though, they made more money on the pc than any of their other FIXED console releases is, Red dead redemption. Which is what this game was Rrushed out and trying to be based on. NOt.
    There is a silver lining if you Ignore the game that has gold all around it and the game that is from a grave robbery.
    Yep its on steam but that’s its flaw other than its still in the Early access bullshit mode, and the last flaw is it has a bombastic amount of way too many servers (which is based on the dayz concept or stupid amount of servers) so everyone goes single player! Apart from all this! Outlaws of the old west is the best cowboy western game on the PC currently.
    So play Outlaws Of the Old west and you will have proper fun.


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