It wasn’t free-to-play, but we couldn’t help but shake our heads at the saga of Wild West Online when it launched last year. Created by Russian studio Frontier Developments, WWO was savaged by critics and Steam reviewers, changed its focus from PvE to PvP, announced a relaunch — and then the studio collapsed before they could carry it out. And you thought Fallout 76 was the most disastrous online game launch of 2018.

Well, now the game is back, with a new name and studio. The game is now called New Frontier and is under the auspices of Free Reign Entertainment, the studio behind such luminary titles as Romero’s Aftermath and Last Man Standing. New Frontier is described in a press release as a “Large open world survival PVP looter shooter with ability to build your own home castle, conquer land, fight hellish monsters” — yes, they’ve added monsters to the Wild West because why not? Oh, the press release also states that you’ll love it if you love super-popular games like Rust, Minecraft, and PUBG.

Best(?) of all, New Frontier is now free-to-play and is available as an “Early Access Alpha test” that you can try out today by downloading it from the website, which still includes “” in its URL. You can participate in both the open-world survival aspect or the “Magnificent 5” battle royale mode, where teams of five players shoot it out until there’s only one team left.

Oh, and there’s apparently a season pass available. While we wouldn’t suggest not spending money to support a F2P game, in this case, I think a healthy does of caveat emptor is warranted, especially if Sergey Titov is involved in any way, which is a reasonable concern for any title under the Free Reign banner.


  1. Yep, absolute rubbish, nothing to do but roam, currently it lacks everything in a game, the npcs are all over place no thought gone into it at all, its the same creations made by this company linked. Just rushing out games on the same engine is not a good thing. They seem to have some great copying abilities but they just can’t seem to get it all to work. Currently, anyway.

    I’m now playing via steam ..OUTLAWS OF THE OLD WEST. A great development in comparison to the topic game, Its an good easy flow game with play ability, a game you can believe in, me, sledge hammer, bye, bye, wolves. 🙂

  2. No-bo-dy cares about Romero’s failed projects. Everything they’ve ever created was:
    – trash in trailers
    – trash post-launch [no idea what kind of sick people payed for those games]
    – trash after going F2P.

    Romero is Uwe Boll in game industry.
    You may keep deleting my comments thinking I’m internet troll or hater, but I’m not. I’m just not afraid to tell what I REALLY think about products ‘they’ make (cuz I’m not getting money for promotion XD even if I was an official critic I’d still say trash is trash…principle is more important than money).

    • Comments are only ever deleted in the event of language (both foul language or non-English language posts), aggression towards other posters, or links included in the post (sometimes these get approved after moderation though if the link is relevant and safe).

      You can offer any opinion you like and we don’t delete it for the opinion itself, only if the expression of that opinion violates the above.


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