The world still needs saving, and Epic Games now has a new way for you to do it. Dungeons have been added to Fortnite: Save the World (which is totally going free-to-play someday, maybe?) because why build your own fortress to defend when you can storm the bad guys’ place instead?

Would-be dungeon delvers can explore the secret reaches of Hexylvania, where they’ll deal with hordes of monsters (as usual) and traps (hey, that’s supposed to be our thing!) as they plumb the depths looking for weapons and heroes to recruit, as well as golden coins and magical keys to unlock even more loot.

Also in today’s update: the oversized Mythic Storm King is wreaking havoc, and if you take him down you can claim some of his weapons. There’s also a crossover quest with the newly announced Battle Breakers that will have you completing quests to unlock Fortnite-related content in Battle Breakers and let you earn the game’s dagger master, Razer, as a hero.

Get more info on all that’s new to Save the World on the Fornite site.

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  1. Please only cover the battle royal i hate it but its free the rest of the game is not saying they might go free without them stating it will is not what mmobomb is about unless your going to start covering pay to play or buy to play I have the same issue with all the new stuff in guildwars… you dont cover WoW i can play free but not with endgame but its the same


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