Fortnite: Save the World has an update just in time for the holidays — and no, it’s not to say that it’s going free-to-play. That just ain’t happening in 2019. Instead, it’s got a new quest line, a returning game mode, and holiday-themed characters to help you defend your base from the cold grip of husks.

The Holly Jolly Ransom quest line tasks you with rescuing Crackshot, because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a hostage situation. (Well, that’s sort of right.) You can also try out the Frostnite event, in which you’ll need to power a furnace with BluGlo, defending it using only “your basic starting weapons, schematics, and wits.”

To aid you in your defenses, you can recruit Jingle Jess, Sentry Gunner Krampus, and Crackshot himself to bust a nut on the bad guys. Providing somewhat less aid are nerfs to Gas Traps and Storm King’s Aid, and players now have somewhat more control over their inventories (yay!), with the ability to decide what rarity of items are auto-recycled, as well as measures to limit accidental recycling. For more on all the changes in today’s patch, check out the Fortnite site.

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