Perfect World is celebrating the one-year anniversary and upcoming Nightfall expansion for Forsaken World, a fantasy MMORPG. Players who visit the one-year anniversary website will receive a lavish prize package of in-game items that may include an exclusive mount or rare pet. The new website for Nightfall highlights some of the new features in the latest expansion, including new flying mounts, challenging dungeons and bosses, unexplored areas, and more.

Features in the Nightfall expansion include:

  • Flying System

Soar through the skies of Eyrda with brand new flying system and conquer new bosses, while exploring dynamic dungeons and events designed specifically for flying.

  • Nightfall Citadel

Behold an emerging new fortress in the sky and new, unexplored areas. Be the first to experience the exciting new quests and monsters that roam the land.

  • Soul Virtue System

Harness the power of the gods by following the venerable Dyos or the unrelenting Nyos. Earn Virtue Points to fully customize and enhance your skills by defeating monsters and completing quests.

  • Revamped Immortal Rift

War is ever changing, and so must the risks and rewards that come with it. Attack and defend against other guilds to claim a territory within Eyrda in this completely transformed all-out land conquering system.

Additional features in the Nightfall expansion include Mastery and Resistance reset system, PvP Arena Season 2, revamped Guild Base Bid System, Level 80 EXP Transfer System, and new Prayer Eras.

For more information about Forsaken World’s Nightfall expansion, visit:



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