Fortnite‘s arena matchmaking system is in the process of being tweaked in order to create a better experience for players. For those unfamiliar with the system, it effectively pairs players based on the amount of hype they have. Apparently, the way this system has been functioning has resulted in pretty lengthy wait times that result in some players being paired with whoever was available whether it was an appropriate pairing or not.

To fix this issue, the developers have created “buckets” for the Hype ranges. If a bucket doesn’t have enough players participating, it will merge with another bucket in order to allow for better matches. The hope is that this will create a better experience across all divisions while reducing the chance of Champion League players being matched with Open League players.

It should be noted this rework is still being adjusted and that players may experience issues while the devs get all the kinks worked out.

On an additional note, the Fortnite team has also updated information on how to report bugs. If you have any you feel need to be reported, check out the blog post on the game’s site to find out how.

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