Well, we figured it was coming and here it is. Fortnite dropped a fun little video today introducing “The Reboot Van”, a nice, blue van players can use to recall their teammates if they check out early.

The van will be added in the next update at which time something called reboot cards will be added. You’ll need these to reboot your friends.

The whole thing goes something like this: friend dies and drops reboot card, pick up reboot card and run to van summoning previously deceased player to the spawn point on top of it. When you use the van it’s going to make a lot of noise and let everyone on the map know not only that someone is respawning, but how many people are going to appear there. The trick is that they won’t all respawn at once but one-at-a-time. So, you know… you might want to watch out for enemies waiting nearby.

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  1. Been playing rings of Elysium. Better, smarter Rez system. No gimmicks, just bleed out unless a friend rescues you. You can get laid out by enemy while writhering on ground wounded, so no sure chance for Rez. Forces live players to think, help out, or cover fire, or let die for that kill. Makes encounter more logical and realistic.


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