Dauntless Reveals Future Plans With Super-Why? Interactive Roadmap

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor April 5, 2019

Dauntless has more than a few things in the works if their roadmap is anything to go by. Players can now see what's in store for the monster-killing game -- although you're going to have to put a bit more effort into combing through the roadmap than you would for most sites.

Why? Because the team decided to go with an interactive roadmap filled with floating islands.

The roadmap features four sets of islands, each covering a different topic. When clicked on, these zoom into the island set, showing the individual items as specific subjects.

According to the roadmap, the dev team is working on these specific areas:

  • Improved Interface
    • Personality: “Personality” is replacing “Style” with this update to player customization. Look forward to smoother customization of your banners, titles, and emotes, plus support for all-new vanity options.
    • Loadout Screen: Rebuilding the Dauntless loadout screen from scratch to make changing your gear a single-screen effort. Weapons, armour, consumables, dyes, transmogs, and cells will all be accessible from the new screen.
    • End of Hunt Screen: The new End of Hunt screen will also show Slayers how they’ve progressed toward quest and Mastery objectives. Working on a requirement to gather 10 Skybloom? Now you’ll know exactly how much more you have to go.
    • Loadout Presets: With this update to loadouts (note the plural ‘s’), Slayers will be able to save and swap between multiple gear and cell configurations, making it easier than ever to get ready for a hunt.
  • Deeper Combat
    • Weapon Mods: This feature will introduce specialized weapon parts — earned through the new Mastery system — that can be used to customize an entire weapon category. Yet another way to slay your way.
    • Skraev Update: Our Skraev model is getting a major update. This change will further differentiate the two avian Behemoths, smooth out some of those frayed-looking feathers, and add new features to its frosty face. The Skraev will also be adjusting its combat style to favour on-the-ground brawling. Look out for those swipes.
      • Finally, Winterhorn Skraev is coming out of hibernation with a new set of skills and an upgrade for your Skraev set. Look for this Dire in the depths of the Maelstrom.
    • Shrike Update: It’s been a while since the Shrike last had its feathers fluffed, so we’re putting in the work to give it a big aesthetic upgrade. This update will make this early Behemoth a little more scary and a lot more impressive.
    • Boreus: Boreus is a massive, horned frost Behemoth that hunts alongside a brood of psionically-controlled minions. When under attack, it can summon a thick layer of frost to protect it from harm. Slay its minions — while avoiding their attacks — to empower your weapon and break through the ice.
    • Weapon Specials: Slayers will soon be able to unlock and equip new weapon specials that they earn through Mastery. Weapon specials are designed to complement different styles of play, allowing Slayers to further refine their combat strategy.
  • Expanding Universe: This section is actually a bit unique as two fo the five islands are currently surrounded by mist -- apparently indicating that while there are plans, they're not solidified just yet. Those two sections are Mobile and Nintendo Switch.
    • Cross-Play: We think that Slayers should be able to play together no matter where they’re playing from — be it Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the Epic Games store. That’s why we’re hard at work making “One Dauntless” a reality.
    • Xbox One & PlayStation 4: Dauntless will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the Summer of 2019. It will be free to play on all platforms.
    • Epic Games Store: In addition to being on the store Slayers will also be able to take advantage of additional social features through their Epic Games account, such as friends, chat, and more. Our Epic Games store launch will happen at the same time as our console launches: Summer 2019. Look for more information as we get closer to launch.
  • More Activities
    • Hunt Pass Season 4: Burndown draws its theme from the High Sirrus zone of the Shattered Isles — home to rough and arid islands like the Burning Rose. Slayers can expect to see a full set of barbarian armour (cosmetic) alongside craggy banner designs and hot-to-the-touch emotes.
    • Mastery System: Complete challenges along one of the mastery tracks, level up and unlock new ways to customize their Slayers’ abilities. This system will start out by introducing tracks for each weapon and Behemoth in the game, with the potential to expand to new territory later on.
    • Campaign Rework: Quests, zones, and gear upgrades are all getting a major overhaul. Gear upgrade paths are also being changed. Instead of splitting Behemoth weapons into two upgrade tracks (regular and heroic), Slayers will now progress from base weapon, to upgraded base weapon, to heroic weapon — all on the same track. Reputation tracks will be removed, daily quests will be reworked, and part break drops will be made more consistent.

So, there's the basic rundown. If you'd still like to play with the islands, you can find them on the Dauntless site.

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DhU3M 2 years ago
Would be nice if they optimize the game better to be less of a resource Hog. The game uses up more computer resources then it should.

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